from basa nuvo


I was awake, stars like angels

I spoke to about you and me.

A golden moon so fine only by a whisper

Was it kept from disappearing.

Tiny drops of water leaned from  every green thing

Flightless fairies yearning nourishment.

Your name deep measureless breath,

A hum of whales sky Blue enough

So every inch of everything could

Hear deep in their minds, repeated.

Across high, seldom slack, storming

Sightless of any land oceans I have written.

Have you lost more teeth?

What makes your tap dancing men stay still?

Can immortality ever be mellow?

How other than stupor could it be done?

Answerless. As if the right combination could instigate response

I keep trying new ones, like

A girl with stones;

Started with daddy but now she’s alone;

Names, dates, standard rates – charges extra for more.

Or maybe warm coffee streets,

Silence pressed around places we used to go,

Faces we used to know, now no longer clearly

Rather believed in, things thought and sometimes still

Do think are true, even of ourselves;

Dancing on the lake once covered Kathmandu valley.

Sipping flowers fell from a sky beyond stars.

Smiling children marked by turquoise cobras.

Great roots of great trees where

Grey matchless undisturbed as dust,

We’d rest.

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