So tomorrow shelly has a phone interview with an american employer. also has another Connecticut group interested in her. this november she’ll (maybe we’ll all go if the cash flows unclog) be in Connecticut for some teaching engagements and hopes to set up face to face interviews for then. sent some poems out today RATTLE & some to Handful Of Stones. Calliope nerve has responded to the other days submissions  (quickest response in 40 years!) :

pdlyonspoet@yahoo.co.uk, “Calliope Nerve” <calliopenerve@gmail.com>

Your work is great!  Thank you for the submission.s  Look for them at our weblog later in the month. We’ve also sent you an invite to join our e-newsletter.  We appreciate you thinking of our website and if you can add Calliope Nerve to future bios it’s always much appreciated.

Matt “Nobius” Evelsizer
Publisher Calliope Nerve

So thats good for the ego. will post them here too once they’re up on Calliope site.

New venue! the way to go. meanwhile the weather changes grey black hard rain of a day – a blessing for those of us who work outside and have to stay home and write and yoga and sit and even tidy up the place.

Suzy Homemakers tip:

Ramones— its alive, clash combat rock and i fought the law – good kitchen cleaning stuff. who’da thought i wanna lobotomy would be just the thing for washing dishes?

Other tips for the day –

1.never ever especially when you feel like shit, give up your practise whatever it is. when you feel like shit remember its just buddha feeling like shit and so how bad can buddha shit be? or jesus shit for that matter?

2. whenever you feel like a little kid again – remember youre f n not. no one can ever be your daddy  or mommy again. this can be inspirational when you feel the old habit to squirm or kiss ass, likewise when you can be quiet and soften up and feel the tender sadness that our only mommy and daddy can evoke.

3. too much coffee – if you dont get narky from it then can it ever be a bad thing?ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

oh those days of sun and clotheses

oh those days of sun and clotheses

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