20. october oz9

winter workshop

winter workshop



grey rains across the lake

even the fire duller now

as if unable to breath the airless air of your absence

not the anxiety of waiting

not the impatience of worry

something though stranger

knowing not wondering

your absence has no remedy

Moved things around for winter working this morning. a good hard stormy night into an equally rainy day. a long yoga mediation session, then down to the kitchen get a soup on for shelly, her favourite carrot (of course) this time even i liked the result. usually cant stand the stuff. move from the kitchen HQ to the front room. set up ‘puter and such. dog and cat each tucked up in their own separate armchairs. poked around on the emails, checked some new potential publishers but pretty restless un focussed for that so did some writing, a little example of something fresh is printed above. shelly got home for lunch, happy to have a hot soup and a fire. Calliope Nerve did put up two of my poems thanks for that!


Pensioners Remiss

When I wanted to see you

Young and available

Dresses out amidst a blue jean wasteland

Stoned as laughing smoky charms

Dancing at any moment unannounced

On the steps of Spanish little Harlem

 Turquoise as your eyes church doors

Sacramental wine just open

A spiral of possibilities each as believable as the past

When I wanted to see you

Roads wide open looking to ride

Strong as summer sweat

 Muscles love like horses into sunset

 Diamonds across that midnight sky lived only in your fuck me eyes.

Breathless barefoot pirouette octagon tiles

 Limitless kitchens  by dull Frigidaire ice cold India ales

 Fast as you can drink ‘em

 Back porch third floor dawn Aegean blue

Away among a city of fearlessness

When I wanted to see you

Saint Johns Christmas balsam scented crushed blood velvet

Crystal singers choir of angels

Mysterious as snow the mouth you used

For me an accent of hypnosis lead like sorrow  obsessed with green as if summer surfaced between live pines

 And the first breasts I ever saw

 You stripped for the reservoir

My hands held showing me to cup each one instead

When I wanted to see you

So much more so than

Where ever you were

So much sooner than now

Fuckin Bukowski

Idiot me picks now

6000 miles away at 52

To discover him

Still glad I didn’t stay in Waterbury

Find him sooner

Probably still be pukeing

Out in the after last call

Parking lot of now what am I gonna do

Or else back in jail

Or else still with one of the xes

Or else not even alive


Tonight just had a chicken and ham sandwich on rye

And its sometime after midnight

And I’ll probably still be up @ 6 maybe half 6

Do some yoga make coffee for the wife

Bring it to her in bed

Get some pancakes going for the kid

And be happy to do so


No not envious

Not regretful

Rather peaceful

Glad to be out of it

That’s the kind of poet I’m happy to live with


ever onward something goes

ever onward something goes

Last night started to read Morgan a new story before bed time. we sat by the fire on the sofa for this, i had read it to her a few years back but she didnt remember until we got to the door : round painted bright shiny green with a brass door knob in the middle –

Oh yeah! says Mor, the green door I remember that! So we read the Hobbit by the fire – up til 10pm school night and all! forgot the time i did. a timeless story after all! My daddy gave me the lord of the rings – how many years ago? i was probably 13 or so. any way morg remembers the green door. weird what stays with us. looks like we just like Bilbo have an adventure coming our way. shellys interviews with employers in the states go well. one offer already being formalised and sent to her for consideration. exciting. must be good to be recognised by your professional peers as being “just what we’re looking for” opportunity beckons. America, hopefully a little different from our last go. at least it’s not Bushmerica, as much. all the ghosts that wait for me though. thank god I got a buddha nature. om

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