say no to spell check mar 4, oz10

Good morning at 7. making coffee and letting the sun in Rigoletto on the radio Morgan up and waiting for pancakes, shelly not far behind to make the oatmeal ( honey cinammon pin head n flakes). By ten afetr 8 they are on their was, morgan to school, shelly to the library in mullingar. she’ll be calling the u.s. embassy today from the moblie. got a call yrasterday, message for her to call them re visa immigration etc. First time they ever gave us a phone number. so today might be the day we know for sure where, at least what country we’re gonna live in. 8:20 writing new poems, well editing. check email and such. will be starting new collection. Have been reading Joyce again. Ulysses this time. got a good edition, the print is big enough and spaces comfortable enough to make out the words comfortably. one of the most important things, if you want a chance with ulysses you need a well-printed edition. this one is published by everymans editions 2005 i think. so just getting into the kidney of the thing. dont know how well it goes but i know this, joyce loved words and more important i think he loved the sounds of words. i find i must be able to take the time to read each word slowly fully mouthing them as i go and i dont know about understanding it but i know i like what it does to me, and when all else fails i think how was this guy who wrote such a thing in the 20’s or was it the 30’s? either way. And i must always be ready to stop n or start when the mood is on me. if someone is putting the muse before you, you dont ask too many questions, you dont need to understand, but you do need to pay attnetion and then if you’re luck you will emerge an appricate. so no joyce scholar me. Much prefer Portrait of the artist, where some of the most beautiful sentences, paragraphs, writing i have ever read live.

anyway, write now for an hour I must lie down where all the ladders start
In the foul rag and bone shop of the heart. -( wb yeats ),

then yoga om mani padme humng, then meditiation and on the out breath death, then

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