10. march oz10


accepted perennials & logh lene 9.march.10 to publish june/july. check them out here:


New Welch review not interested in any. so sent a few of those onto  Haggad & Hallo. they’re out a texas.

Shelly to dublin a half six this am. morgan home w/me from school. up a half 8. coffee for me pancakes n orange for morg. yoga, meditation, morgans playing ( adventure loosly based on burtoins Alice in wonderland which we saw yesterday afternoon.) some lunch, put on a load of laundry, showered and got dressed and went to work on puter.

morgs watching some dr who. went on tour yesterday to newgrange, standing inside a corbeled stone structor built five thousand years ago and still water tight. lovely and sunny irish spring day, no day anywhere in the world can match a good irish spring day.

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