23 march oz 10 no spell check month

so by ten am, breakfast ( coffee, oatmeal oj for me n shell, pancakes n oj for the child) shell n morg off to school, mediation, yoga session, ( mazy star for yoga… fade into you etc) tidy up a bit, and in the blaze of the sunnyest day of the year got ready to work/write. mess about on line for a while, then experience writers grump, like cramp but in this one you hate every thinng you ever did, everything everyone else ever did, all you ever wrote is shiot rubbish. anyway just lost half this fn post cause of shitty connection bradband my arse, neil young live at the filmore 1971 helped bloe out the stink, eventually settled into putting together 26 poems in a new book file to send to new publisher, coffee break now is abt 1;30, write this note then do final check n send manuscript today, need to get out n do a bit aof a run, started abut a week ago, just little at a time, althouugh the sun has blazed out into a breif hail storm a minute ago, hopefully the weather will be ok by the time i got to go, need to move on, will be getting dinner ready soon for the home commers, chichen n mushcrooms, n rice n such.

amy takes us out with her great album Frank.

and now off to see the wizard.

congats to america for voting to take care of yourselves, good begining for reforming the way you take care of the world.

our statments of intent are the basis of our slef

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