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lilly to the rescue

published in Boyne writers spring edition

Boyne Berries 7 Spring 2010 now available.

Boyne Berries 7 Launch

Issue 7 of our magazine Boyne Berries was launched by Meath County Librarian, Ciaran Mangan, on Thursday 25 March in the Castle Arch Hotel, Trim at 8pm. A large group attended and twenty contributors read their pieces. Submissions for the next issues of the magazine will soon be open. More details on the Boyne Berries page.

the extent of his youth

up the road to the next town

with a girl he knew from high school and her kid

grey clap board bungalow

breakers on the rocks below

reminding him only of working boats.

he loved that kid more then he loved anyone

took her out for sweets and ice cream at the corner shop

taught her how to skate and hold a hockey stick on black ice lakes

almost ended up in jail trying to get that Barbie House for Christmas.

eventually she left him.

bottoms of too many bottles between ‘em.

never heard from her again.

but got  letters from the kid.

eventually dwindled through the years.

now an almost annual event.

doing good .

miss you so much.

when can I see you?

how come I cant see you?

finished school .

moved away from  mom.

someday I’m gonna come see you.

just show up, you’ll see.

we’ll get together.

never forget you.

just like a real dad to me.

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