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Wow thanks for the work! I only posted the category on duotrope not long ago. Fantastic, really nice, powerful work here – We’d love to include in the next issue if that’s okay with you? Issue 1 Limited Edition on the theme of ‘Freedom’ is very nearly full. But we’re already starting work on Issue 2  – (exact theme tbc).
In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at our website and order your limited edition copy online in time for the 41st Anniversary of Kerouac’s death in September.
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On 29 August 2010 23:10, p d lyons <> wrote:

Kerouac’s Dog                            2010-08-29


Dear editor,


Please consider the enclosed/attached three poems for publication. They are my own original work. Thank you for taking the time to read them.


Pd Lyons

PO Box 204

Litchfield Ct 06759



encl/ capri at the bookshop

         Bigger Than the sky If A Star Was Your Eye

         Pensioners Remiss



The Calamity Jane


I walk out with the horse,
He does not resist.
Leads as if there’s not a diseased bone in his body.
He does not notice   children crying,
Rain stopping, sun brightening,
But rather a yellow butterfly;
Moves his head to keep it in sight
Until, for some reason he will never know,
He can no longer do so.



When I was a cowboy
I always wore boots,
I rode a chestnut mare
And she never went quits.
We’d take any trail
We’d cross any bridge.
Sometimes she was nasty,
She kicked and she bit

But we’d cover big country
By night or by day,
A walk or a jog
Or just plain run away.
I was crazy to love it,
But I thought it was fun,
Just me and the wild one
Out on our own.

But when I was a cowboy
And I always wore boots
I rode a chestnut mare
Who never went quits -?
Well boots is just leather
And horses do die
Now the trails paved over
And wire seems to stretch
Right up to the sky.
And me I’m just here in this ol’ county bar
Trying to roll another cigarette
And nursing warm beer.

PD Lyons’ newest book is Caribu&Sister Stones published by Lapwing Press Belfast. Visit pd Lyons here.

vox poetica

today’s words

PD Lyons last offering to us was the evocative Loch Lene. Today’s poem is similarly rich in images but even more spare in language. Do you garden? You may find yourself considering what your plants know of you the next time you’re digging in their beds.

By PD Lyons

impressions of
your hands
and knees

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