new poem to be published by vox poetica

Hi PD,
Your poem, Wordsilk, has been accepted as part of Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words. It is scheduled to post on the today’s words page of vox poetica on the night of September 22.
As with other works published at vox poetica, rights to your work remain with you, although I do ask that you credit vox poetica if you choose to reprint elsewhere and this collection is expected to be anthologized at some point in the near future. You will be contacted about that at a later date. Please reply to this e-mail indicating that you accept these terms. Inclusion in the series will not occur without your reply to this e-mail.
I will not be including bios in the series, but rather a link to your most recent poem at vox poetica. It is my intent to let the work of this series speak for itself so I will not be introducing the work with my own words.
Congratulations on this acceptance!
Annmarie Lockhart
vox poetica
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