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after a day of rain

after a day of rain

white flowers

before a young girl

small songs upon the mist

Should The Question Beg For Answer

Should The Question Beg For Answer

will the water be beautiful?

will I thank every drop of the sea?

the sky, will  it  be so blue,

I’ll find ships sailing in the clouds?

and emearald and hawthorn

would i lay down there again?

rise to wander mists by fairy lakes

secret women drift in sleek wolfhound shapes

lead by old and limping men

between hedgerow  and dirt lanes?

speak with mallard fox and silent swan?

their stories told of long ago

when black cats and tabby cats,

small black terriers through stone walls and brier

sure and steady tacked

all possibility of horses

                                                                                                                                   (for Lilly n the gang)

Kerouac's Dog Magazine (via What would Neal do?)

Kerouac's Dog Magazine Ok so I suck at Twitter, and other social networks for that matter (maybe another time) but I am to have two poems published in issue #3 of Kerouac's Dog Magazine. Check it out at  Jade Leaf Willetts … Read More

via What would Neal do?

The man who came for turquoise/7.5.11. poetry project/pdlyons

The Man Who Came For Turquoise

   He came for turquoise from the mountains

envy instead green wove garlands of the valley

   Laughed with singing running brooks

and singing running children

   Shook hands, danced

with the man who had the right by love

to kiss her

   Left dreaming she had come to him instead

long before anyone he cared about

could be hurt.

pd lyons poetry project 4.5.11

The Lover Of Wisdom

He helped in the kitchen

while she was away.

   One night he was worried about the wine

her father noticed, told him

not to worry

they said it was the best place they’d been to

that they were glad to be here.

besides it was the second bottle they’d ordered.

It was then he grabbed her father’s hand, said

Are you my friend? Are you!

The towering man with black mustache

in a well-worn greasy apron said

Always. I am your friend always!

   It was evening when she came back.

He was sorting pots from the green house

packing them into the jeep

parked at the top of the driveway

when they pulled in

BMW convertible dark blue w/ tan leather

   He did not want to meet her friends.

Afraid they’d hear the beating of his heart

he stayed on the other side of the jeep

pretending to be too busy

waiting for her to come to him.

But after their long good-byes,

she didn’t.

He walked around  saw her walking

down the hill with her bags

he thought – she has not come back at all then.

   Shortly later she came back.

Sat with him on the grass

her black hair veiling them

as hunched together head to head

he opened what she gave him

wrapped in white tissues

a ball of crystal inside a ball of alabaster.

I missed you so much he said.

Are you brave enough to let me shave you? she said. Let me! I want to!.

He had not shaved since she left

and her creamy skin could not abide  a whiskered face.

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