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PD Lyons Poetry Project

God Lights a Cigarette

On the wood, shadows. Down the

windows, hazy through the drapes

spills the rain. The night,

curving rolling with motion still

whispers with winters needley lips:

everything is passing through me.

There is you with your joy – me,

I’m trying to find depressions,

though I’m not sure what I feel.

You are magic mingling essences –

I am day dreaming on physical matters…

my lamp flickers with distress,

it moves the room with my voice:

help me

I’m drowning,




To be born of your music,

in your magic my life blooms,

my thoughts, words – dissolve into

rich emotions tuned to immortality.

Lost in the lighting of a match,

in between the space and flame –

I become the sparkle in your eyes,

then I return…

Slowly I am returned,

I am the gold ring in your ear –

the unnoticed sensation.

You are cosmic and I am waiting

for the next match.

Almost Finished W/ Latest

Project Summary

Rumours of Another Summer

Authored by PD Lyons

List Price: $10.00


6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Black & White on White paper

106 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1463769284 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

ISBN-10: 1463769288

BISAC: Literary Collections / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

modern Irish American poetry


ROGER MARIS/ To: Baseball Hall of Fame Veterans Committee

To:  Baseball Hall of Fame Veterans Committee

We, the undersigned, as fans and admirers of baseball legend Roger Maris, wish to see him inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as soon as possible.

We believe that Roger has earned a spot in the Hall of Fame for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

*Record 61 Home Runs in 1961
*.982 Fielding Percentage (Better than Mays, Aaron, Mantle, Clemente, B. Robinson, and others)
*3x World Series Champion (1961, 1962, 1967)
*4x All-Star Selection (1959, 1960, 1961, 1962)
*2x AL MVP (1960 and 1961)- Only 11 players have ever won in back to back years
*1960 Gold Glove Award Winner
*1960 and 1961 RBI Champion
*Number 9 Jersey Retired By Yankees

Yes, Maris only had a .260 career batting average, 275 home runs, 851 RBI’s and 1,325 hits but lets compare him to some other Hall of Fame players who got in with similar or lesser numbers.

*Bill Mazeroski (Class of 2001)- Was a lifetime .260 hitter like Maris. However he hit just 137 home runs and had only 2 more RBI’s. This is after the fact that he played in 5 more seasons and got more than 2,600 AB’s than Roger.

*Phil Rizzuto (Class of 1994)- Only won one MVP (1950) and his career batting average of .273 is only .013 higher than Roger’s. However his power stats of 38 home runs and only 563 RBI’s aren’t even close to Roger’s. Phil had 263 more hits than him but had also over 700 more AB’s.

*Red Schoendienst (Class of 1989)- Never won an MVP and had less home runs (84) and RBI’s(773) than Roger did after playing in 19 seasons. Red’s .289 batting average and 2,449 hits were better than Roger’s but he also had the 7 season advantage and 3,300 more AB’s to compile them hits.

*Richie Ashburn (Class of 1995)- Had over 1,200 more hits than Roger and did have a .308 career batting average but his power numbers were far lesser than Maris. He only had 29 home runs and 586 RBI’s which were 246 less and 265 less than Roger respectively. This is all considering he played in 3 more seasons.

The four guys above all have the same thing in common with Roger. They were all great ball players who had their own style that has made baseball what it is today. The only difference is they are in the Hall of Fame and Roger is not. Now they weren’t first ballot Hall of Famers but they did get in via the Veterans Committee. Isn’t it time after 41 years that Roger get the credit he deserves and he gets in too?

More than anything though Roger was just a down to earth guy that never expected anything to be given to him. All players who played with him loved him and all who opposed him did as well. You will be hard pressed to find a guy who didn’t like him. Here are some quotes from a few of the greatest ball players whoever lived:

“I still see him in my dreams. We lived together, we kidded around a lot, we enjoyed our time out there. Roger was a hell of a player, a Hall of Famer for sure in my book.””When he (Roger Maris) hit it (home run #61 in 1961), he came into the dugout and they were all applauding. I mean, this is something that’s only happened once in baseball, right? And the people were all applauding. They wanted him to come back out. He wouldn’t come out, so the players had to push him back out. They forced him to come out and take a bow. That’s the kind of guy he was. He was great, and I really liked him.” – Mickey Mantle

“You know, I had to tell someone recently that Roger Maris was a damn good ballplayer. People think he had just one big year, but he was a very good ballplayer. I thought he was one of the best outfielders I have seen, and he was a very good clutch hitter.”-Hank Aaron

“I have so much respect for the man. For the mental part almost more than the physical. I mean, can you imagine what it’s like to hit 61 home runs in a season? In New York?”-Reggie Jackson

“You couldn’t play right field any better than Roger did. He could make every throw, play shallow, and then go get the ball. Roger Maris is probably the best ballplayer to ever play the game who isn’t in the Hall of Fame.”-Whitey Herzog

Roger has given baseball more than enough and its time the game gave something back to the man that respected the game more than anybody else ever has. Let’s get him in there and show him we still care and will never forget the great person he was on and off the field.


The Undersigned

thank you annemarie and vox poetica

I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There

PD Lyons’ most recent poem to appear here was Another Summer, published as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone. He is working on a really cool video project. To learn more about it, click here.

I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There
By PD Lyons

Across from the end of the bed
Kitchen draped in honey glow
Just as I was drifting off
Clang & Patter
Pots & Pans
Wondering what it was that you’d be cooking
Turned my head saw nothing there



thank you vox poetica

Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears,  When I wrote new songs and you would listen out of friendship
By PD Lyons
Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears
When I wrote new songs and you would listen out of friendship
By PD Lyons

Where we were always cool
By the reservoir
In the pines
Up some stairs tucked into angular corners
Warm winter kitchens smelling of gas
Down by the factories
Not sleeping all night
Into a morning of crisp clean cold
Out on the back door landing
Three flights below the city without fear we knew

PD Lyons’ most recent poem to appear here was I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There (May 2011

morgan’s good news

On Thu, 7/14/11, Louisville Review <> wrote:

From: Louisville Review <>
Subject: your poem in TLR
To: “” <>
Date: Thursday, July 14, 2011, 6:16 PM

Hello, Morgan,


We are delighted to publish your poems “Spring Day of Nature, ” “At the Beach” and “Magic” in the Fall 2011 issue of The Louisville Review!


Attached to this email is a contract that we will need you—or your parent/guardian if you are under 18—to sign and return to us. You can either fax it or mail it; address and fax number are below. We will also need a brief biographical statement of a few sentences. You can simply send that via email.


Please let me know if you have any further questions. We are pleased to publish such fine work!



Ellyn Lichvar

Assistant Managing Editor

The Louisville Review/Fleur-de-Lis Press

851 South 4th Street

Louisville, KY  40203

Phone: 502.585.9911 ext. 2777

Fax:     502.992.2409


accepted by the corner club press

Dear PD Lyons,

I am pleased to inform you that your poem “Canada” has been selected for publication in the The Corner Club Press.  Congratulations!  Our third issue will be published on July 15th, 2011.  We encourage you to continue to submit your work to our magazine for future issues. Please send a brief bio to include with your work.

The Corner Club Press is a downloadable non-profit magazine in PDF format. We ask for first publication rights and the right to include your pieces in our future archives. We have nonexclusive rights to your pieces and ask that you let us either display, copy, publish, print, or distribute your work. We WILL NOT sell your work. Once you are published with us, you are free to do as you want with your work, and all rights will revert back to you in three months. The three month period will start the day of publication. If you decide to republish your piece elsewhere, please cite us as the publication and include our web address.

Thank you,


Daphne Maysonet
Poetry Editor
Thank you! please check out their excellent site here:

bed poem yesterdays

Effortless rising

After effortless sleep

After hours of love

Still in each others arms

Not needing to shower or brush teeth

Kiss & Kiss & Kiss


Bed Poem Today


angels sang

in his head

as he lay

across the aubergine and green bed


Sometimes the sun

danced elliptical

 edging his cup

fingers tap tapping

cosmical coded eclipses


Sometimes the day

just began this way

open windows

white  blinds

even traffic softer

as if the dust of dark ages

shed and unknown

precisely the  time of his life

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