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pd lyons newest collection is now available!!

Rumours of Another Summer

Authored by PD Lyons

Modern Irish American poetry of a very fine sort

Publication Date:
Jul 27 2011
1463769288 / 9781463769284
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Literary Collections / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh



Rumours of Another Summer
List Price: $10.00

why do i like vox poetica? they have impeccable taste in poetry.

Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears
When I wrote new songs and you would listen out of friendship
By PD Lyons

Where we were always cool
By the reservoir
In the pines
Up some stairs tucked into angular corners
Warm winter kitchens smelling of gas
Down by the factories
Not sleeping all night
Into a morning of crisp clean cold
Out on the back door landing
Three flights below the city without fear we knew

PD Lyons’ most recent poem to appear here was I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There (May 2011).  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg

I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There

PD Lyons’ most recent poem to appear here was Another Summer, published as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone. He is working on a really cool video project. To learn more about it, click here.

I Thought You Were in Another Room That Wasn’t There
By PD Lyons

Across from the end of the bed
Kitchen draped in honey glow
Just as I was drifting off
Clang & Patter
Pots & Pans
Wondering what it was that you’d be cooking
Turned my head saw nothing there  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg

PD Lyons Poetry Project

vox poetica contributor PD Lyons has announced his new poetry project and he needs YOUR help! The idea is to post a bunch of videos on YouTube of people reading his poetry. You can find his poetry here in the poemblog (search using the advanced search button and make sure you click title and contents and all), in some of the vox anthologies, and at his blog. You can see his invitation to join the project here. I’m going to do this and so should you!  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg

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Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone, Another Summer

Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone
Another Summer
By PD Lyons

95 degrees
4th of July
Bare Trees, Winter Night; oldie not so familiar says the radio

this is age
& what it’s like
& how is there anything else now?

But poplars silver
still sounds like rain
quick sand springs still stream
maples shade deep gorge brooks
high stones circle the pool
of where going down to the horse bones
we were kids

PD’s most recent poem to appear at vox poetica was Wordsilk, which was published as part of Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words.  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg

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Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words, Wordsilk

Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words
By PD Lyons
reminding me of words like
border line
crescent coyote
ancient timbers
polished smooth as kisses
abandoned eyes of ship-wrecked sailors
myriad pin prick suns
flightless birds
something Spanish that you
said along a twilight
Ishmael to Ishmael
all the nights we’ve ever known
not bothering the quiet
PD Lyons made his most recent appearance at vox poetica in August 2010 with Perennials.  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg


PD Lyons last offering to us was the evocative Loch Lene. Today’s poem is similarly rich in images but even more spare in language. Do you garden? You may find yourself considering what your plants know of you the next time you’re digging in their beds.

By PD Lyons
impressions of
your hands
and knees  Stumbleupon  Technorati  Digg

Loch Lene

PD Lyons started writing poetry long long ago in the dream time when he was 12; he has continued ever since. His work has been published in magazines and he’s had two books published by Lapwing Press. He is originally from Connecticut and is living currently in Ireland. You can keep up with him by visiting his blog. This poem delivers splendid imagery with few words.
Loch Lene
(for Shelly)
By PD Lyons
Undulate of diamond silhouettes
North wind skirts a pirouette
Past a fishing heron
Fingerling samurai silver shadow breath
Quiet so deep it echoes
Not one golden dream left behind
You’re where I’m gonna be forever  Stumbleupon  Technorati

Call For Submissions/ Stoked Journal

Call For Submissions

*We’ve made some changes to our guidelines.

HEY HEY. Stoked Journal wants to see your coolest work for future volumes, now on a rolling basis. Response time with typically be within a month. Query after two months. Please check out the first issue before submitting: here. Volume II, which will be out in September, will be a leap forward from this issue, increasing the amount of content and including reviews, interviews, and possibly other artwork, while maintaining the focus on stoke-worthy writing and crisp design.

To submit poetry, fiction, or nonfiction: send 3-5 poems, one essay, one short story, or 2-3 short shorts or flash fiction/nonfiction pieces to

To submit art: send a .JPG of your work to

To submit an interview or book review: open submission reviews should be of books by past Stoked contributors and open submission interviews should be with former contributors as well. Send an e-mail including either who you want to interview or the book you want to review, along with links to your writing, such as a blog or published pieces/interviews/reviews to

Sure you can do that: send submission in body of email or as a single Word Document, include a bio (third person, short, etc.), send us simultaneous submissions, be nice.

We look forward to seeing your work.


Submissions and staff

Dark Chaos accepts submissions at any time, and will consider all genres, styles and virtually any subject matter. However, we will not publish material centered around abuse or hatred of anyone, whether it be marital, sexual, mental, physical or otherwise. We also do not accept slanted political or religious work.

Please send submissions to Jeffrey S. Callico at

Our assistant editor is Nicolette Wong. Her email is

Nicolette is a fiction writer from Hong Kong. Her scribbling finds its way around the world and she blogs at

Oberon’s Law/ Fate Uses Hard Those Whose Stories Must Mean Something

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Writers in all their flavors are invited to submit 3 of their best works for consideration. What is the best, you ask? We like writing of all flavors that tastes like the Fantastic. We care significantly more about the style of the story than how it can be pigeon holed.  However, there should be elements of Speculative Fiction in each work.

Fiction short, shorter, shortest (5,000 to 50 words generally speaking). Poetry of any length (though Beowulf-long is a little bit much). We will consider also longer works for serial publication (send Kester an e-mail first, though)

When in doubt-send it over!

Send to:


  • Oberon’s Law will be published online weekly. Due to the nature of the beast, we cannot currently offer remuneration for the publication of accepted work. Only bragging rights.
  • There is no reading fee or cost attendant to submission. Oberon’s Law is a free online ‘Zine. We’ll certainly take simultaneous submissions, please just let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • All accepted works will require one-time North American digital publication rights. Oberon’s Law reserves the right to maintain a digital backlog of all accepted work
  • If you’ve received a response from our editors, please wait thirty days before submitting again.
  • Our current response time is 2 to 4 weeks. Please query us if that time has passed.

inkscrawl is a new online literary magazine devoted to minimalistic speculative poetry. GUIDELINES-

inkscrawl is seeking the finest fantastical short poetry — 10 lines or fewer. We are looking for poetry rooted in myth, folklore, surrealism, and magical realism. We prefer poems which possess emotional depth, lyricism and strong imagery. However, we are not interested in science fiction poetry or overtly horrific horror verse.

As we are a minimalist journal, we will only consider poetry of 10 lines or fewer. Within this length restriction, we are open to all forms; rhyme, though, is not encouraged. We welcome short forms, such as the haiku and cinquain, as well as experimental and prose poetry.


June 23rd – August 21st
September 23rd – November 21st
December 23rd – February 21st
March 23rd – May 21st


Our editorial address is poetry at inkscrawl dot net. Please include SUBMISSION: Poet’s name in the subject line. We would prefer to receive all poetry pasted in the body of the email, but if your poetry has special formatting, we will accept attachments of .doc, .docx, or .rtf. A brief cover letter should be included with submissions. Please limit the number of poems to five per submission. No unsolicited reprints, no simultaneous submissions. We will make every endeavor to respond within five weeks. If you have not heard from us after five weeks have passed, please query.


Payment is $2 per original poem upon publication by PayPal or check.


If accepted, you will be granting inkscrawl first North American serial rights, first World Electronic rights, and non-exclusive anthology rights. Copyright will revert to the poet upon publication. We also request that you allow your poetry to remain in our archives indefinitely.

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