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new unbound content publications


unbound CONTENT is proud to announce the launch a new full-length poetry collection by PMPope: Written All Over Your Face{book}! PMPope joins the unbound CONTENT family with this, his poetic exploration of social networking. An expert in all things multimedia, he uses modern communication to get to the heart of intimacy. Whether you love posting status updates or hate the reach of technology into private space, this book has something to say to you. There’s a poem for every viewpoint and some that merely observe.
Written All Over Your Face{book} is available in print here: 

excellent quality magazine well worth the read


Vermont Poet Laureate Ruth Stone has passed away


ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. — Sad times for poetry lovers and Vermonters alike. Famous writer and former Vermont Poet Laureate Ruth Stone has passed away. She was 96.Stone wrote poems for decades but it wasn’t until she reached her 80s and 90s that she saw success. Now her books are sold in places nationwide, including bookstores in her own state, such as Phoenix Books in Essex Junction.

vox poetica/Contributor Series 10!

RE: Contributor Series 10!

Monday, 14 November 2011, 0:07


Hi PD,
Your poem, Dark Matter, has been accepted as part of Contributor Series 10. It is scheduled to post on the today’s words page of vox poetica on the night of December 7.
As with other works published at vox poetica, rights to your work remain with you, although I do ask that you credit vox poetica if you choose to reprint elsewhere. I do expect this series to be anthologized at some point in the near future. You will be contacted about that at a later date. Please reply to this e-mail indicating that you accept these terms. Inclusion in the series will not occur without your reply to this e-mail.
I will not be including bios in the series, but rather a link to your most recent poem at vox poetica. It is my intent to let the work of this series speak for itself so I will not be introducing the work with my own words.
Congratulations on this acceptance!
Annmarie Lockhart
And i say
Dear Annmarie
thank you very much for your support!

An Achill cottage industry

An Achill cottage industry.


BOOKS: Achill Island seems an unlikely base for a Belgian and South Korean book artist duo, yet that’s where Franticham decided to set up. ANDY DEVANE finds out what drew them there…

from The Irish Times

Poems by Morgan Lyons appear in print!

Poems by Morgan Lyons appear in print! You can order copy of magazine or download pdf for free. Morgans work begins on page 147. She is most cool.

Volume 70

Lisa Vinsant

Melva Sue Priddy
Chris Mattingly
Lynnell Edwards
Marcia Menter
Peter Cooley
Tori Sharpe
Allison Seay
R. T. Smith
Carrie Shipers
Brent Fisk
Billy Reynolds
Judith Harris
Leslee Rene Wright
Peter Makuck
Amy Eisner
Sarah Kennedy
Jeff Hardin
Ronald Wallace
David Eye
Gregory Crosby
Catherine MacDonald
Claire McQuerry
Kim Bradley

Liz Iversen
Angela Jackson-Brown
Tamar Jacobs

Robert L. Kaiser

Lyz Lenz
Bridgett Jensen
Robert Finch

Joe Oestreich

See the issue here (pdf).

railroad poetry project/ why we like them –


Dear P D Lyons,

Many thanks for reaching out. As you know I am a big fan of your poetry.

We would be happy to include ‘Box Set’ ‘The Factories Of Men And Beer’ and ‘Grandview Avenue’ in issue 2.

Please could you let me know which links you would like us to plug and also send over a short bio. We are all about helping poets get the recognition they deserve.

One more thing, could you just verify something for me. In ‘Box Set’ a line reads ‘Inter racional national vagrant’ could you just confirm that this is exactly how you intend it to read.

Once again, many thanks for getting involved.

J.L Willetts – editor

re print: For ursula leguin poem by pd lyons

pd lyons poem For Ursula Leguin

two poems by pd lyons published by danse macabre du jour (what a cool name for a magazine!)

BoomerzI live only in memory.The day to day does not inspire me,Only wanting to sit here and think of what used to beStrung out on the drug America.Safe only in my own home,Locked doors, paid ta…

lu lu

poetry: PD Lyons work has been published by: The Shop. Books Ireland. The Corner Voice*. Hobo Jungle*. Slipstream*. (*under the name Djanet Tozeur.) West47 Gallway Arts. Irish American Post. Tapestry**- (Teikyo Post University.Ct.) Dimensions**- (Mattatuck College, Ct.) **under the name peter lyons …
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