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Matters of Life and Death by Marietta Calvanico

great great piece of work



Matters of Life and Death by Marietta Calvanico.

are you there, God? it’s me…

are you there, God? it’s me….


20th July decided to move to back ireland.

after a mad month of packing storing giving tons to the salvation army shop, giving tons to friends family, sorting out landlords and a million etc’s arrived in Dublin yesterday at 6pm.

had a few lovely pints and a drop of real Irish whiskey and a fantastic pub meal with family then a hot black tea with a slice of lemon cloves and a drop or two of real Irish whiskey to bed a slept with out a toss.

today woke up to one of the finest gems in the universe – a clear cool sunny Irish morning –

whirl wind reaped.

don’t cry for me Argentina.

wonderful piece of work by joseph harker


“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.” David C. Gorczynski




Somewhere Right Now

Somewhere Right Now.

why we like yes factory

Hey PD!

Sorry about the delay, we were totally overwhelmed with the number of submissions that came in. We’s like to publish As If The Rain. We aren’t asking for first rights, just the right to run your story in our digital magazine and feature it at the release party. We’re having the shindig in Brooklyn, NY on September 1st. We’ll send you an invitation mid-week if you agree.

The Yes Factory
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