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nothing fancy mushroom soup

making mushroom soup. great grey oceany day. glad all we know are ok regarding the Sandy Storm.

nothing fancy mushroom soup

bunch of mushrooms maybe 2lbs sliced (white caps unless you have some other fancy options to add)

saute w/ tablespoon or two olive oil with pinches of thyme, salt and parsley

heat till shrunk small and soft pour into bowl

saute in same pot some celery,shallots 2 clove garlic,

shredded parsnip ( optional cause what else can you do with one left over parsnip?)

add glug of dry white wine – simmer till soft,

reserve a few tablespoons of mushrooms return the rest  to pot stir in 500-750 ml veg  or chicken stock

bring to boil

simmer 10 mins or so make sure veg are tender

add cream 250ml or so stir check for seasoning add salt pepper or butter to taste

blend until smooth

add reserved mushrooms

serve with fresh parsley coarse black pepper some kind of crusty bread and depending on the weather, for an oceany grey cold windy day like today –  I like a nice port

there is a beauty even in the grey




Sorry ever after – 2009

Sorry ever after – 2009.

final edit


newest manuscript final. 186 pages of poetry, retrospective of work from 70’s to last month.  still not sure of title. now to choose a publisher. who will the lucky one be?



there is no “how to write” any more than there is a how to pee – eventually you get on with it no matter where you are, no matter what you know, don’t know or think you know; a matter of urgency not choice



Michael Mc Aloran new from Lapwing



Michael Mc Aloran new from Lapwing


Morgan Poem by pd lyons



the Dogs Bay empty on a grey day

curves a wide scythe of sand

mimicked slopes of rocky hills dissolve again in low grey sky.


the Dogs Bay rings silver laughter a treasure of pearls

beautiful daughter darts like a needle between sea and sand

strangers no choice, stopped in their tracks , infected smiles.


not since the Indian Ocean where she learned to walk

not since Cape Cod where she learned her heritage

not since Cape Breton where she learned of treasure

has she now Connemara remembered



“Everything you can imagine is real.”
Pablo Picasso




spent last three hours editing now for something

greetings from the baygalway bay out the back door


completely different



largest study on violence against women

largest study on violence against women

so we have moved


so we have moved

we are now living in galway, over looking the bay. decided to move july 20. arrived here august 26. very busy time. finally feeling a little settled. spent the last few hours working on new book of poetry, “The Girlz”. hope to have a finished manuscript by weeks end. Have about two hundred pages to sort out, final edits, culls,order,format etc. and then the easy part – a publisher.


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