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Bird Stuck in the Toilet Song/by sloppymantis

cute, funny



bird stuck in a toilet



Two poems by Mairéad Donnellan

Two poems by Mairéad Donnellan.

Ampersand Press

Ampersand Press.

Demain: Ma soupe à l’oignon maison – Tomorrow: My secret recipe for French Onion Soup!

Demain: Ma soupe à l’oignon maison – Tomorrow: My secret recipe for French Onion Soup!.

pumpkin ravioli can be fun

pumpkin ravioli

can be fun

fore abbey westmeath Ireland

fore crows

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The Galway Review

Uinseann Mac Thómais is a former civil servant. Formerly of Roinn na Gaeltachta, his work in community and language development holds considerable interest for him still. He is currently on the board of Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe, the National Irish Theatre, Gaillimh le Gaeilge, and Dúchas na Gaillimhe. He has been “dabbling” (his own word) in writing poetry, short stories, and occasional contributions to the Irish Times over the years. Tá cónaí air i gCnoc na Cathrach ó 1983 lena bhean Gearóidín, a iníonacha Katie agus Louise, an cat agus na madraí.


Three poems in Irish by Uinseann Mac Thómais


Tá fear ar m’aithne
atá an-dhílis do Ghaeilge
ar uairibh ámh
ní maith leis go mbeadh
rudaí curtha as Gaeilge amháin
Le faitíos nach dtuigfeadh daoine é
Ar ócáidí eile, ámh
Bíonn faitíos air
rudaí a chur i nGaeilge
le faitíos go dtuigfeadh daoine é

Is baolach don Ghaeilge


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to be carried away

we were made for this

Hill of tara, dark and light

true power – when dark and light unite

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The Galway Review

Maurice Devitt: A student at Mater Dei in Dublin I have just completed an MA in Poetry Studies. Recently short-listed for both the Cork Literary Review and Listowel Writers’ Week Poetry Collection Competitions, placed third in The Joy of Sex competition and long-listed for the Doire Press Chapbook Competition, during 2011 I was short-listed for both the Fish Poetry prize and the Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition, and was also runner-up in the Phizzfest poetry competition. Over the past twelve months I have had poems accepted by Orbis, Abridged, Moloch, Revival, Boyneberries, Paraxis, Weary Blues, thefirstcut, Stony Thursday, Ofi Press, Bluepepper, The Weekenders and Smiths Knoll and am working towards a first collection.

 Three poems by Maurice Devitt

Southport Beach, 1935
 For Kathleen
We laughed at the familiar
strangeness of reminiscence,
the near-misses of faces and names
words describing things
that never happened –
events now blurred

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