Who is the non-symbolic me?

My concern is that Jung’s approach is an indulgence in ones own or his own personal mythology. Concepts that put a further layer of fantasy between person and what is. Granted it is wonderful to have all these deep and wonderful images with which to identify aspects of oneself, the world, the universe. I myself loved it, the adventure of anima, animus,shadow, hero. But aren’t we just playing at stories and fantasy then calling it truth. A certain element of applied fallacy, agreed falsehoods dressing the psyche in elegant emperor clothing? Would it be better to develop courage to sit our selves and our patients down without grandiose or compartmentalizing the experience of self? To say this it it. This is the simplicity of what is going on. To lead on to the authentic experience in direct fashion, no need for fantastical symbols. If we have a non-symbolic relationship to our life would we not then have an authenticity of that life? Who is the non-symbolic me? The archetypes may very well rule our unconscious. They are us living an unconscious life, a life of belief, wishes, lustful desire, fear, aversion caught in a downward spiral. But like illusion slips away as we become more conscious, authentically living a life that is what it is not what it symbolises. So as we move away from symbolic and embrace the what is, our awareness of what is, our consciousness, our true authentic self , which has been with ‘us’ all along – begins to relax into each moment of its awareness. There is no relaxing in the past or in the future. there is no freedom no truth in symbolism – in a dream, a wish, a belief. Seeing our life as a series of symbols keeps us frightened of the dark, the monsters. It is our own belief, concepts, fantasy, which causes the superstitions with which our true self; confined and constricted, suffers the stress of trying to live these untruths within these artificially created yet all too real pains of restriction.

“The last thing you want to do is encourage a schizophrenic to do dream work” –  Dr. Renee Nell


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