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First of all, let me start by thanking you for your wonderful submissions, thanks to writers like you, we had a record number of submissions to read during our blind evaluation process, all of which were amazing.
I am pleased to inform you that your poem, Morgan’s Birds, has been accepted for inclusion in our anthology, Poised in Flight.   If you have not already provided one, please forward me your most recent bio by March 15, 2013. You will be receiving a free electronic copy of the anthology. In addition, print copies will be available for purchase. I will contact you again when both become available.
We also hope you will consider submitting to one of our other upcoming anthologies and/or one of our six diverse online poetry journals.  Our next anthology, Point Mass, has an outer space theme, so if you like science fiction or just like looking at the stars, we hope you will send us some of your work.  The deadline is April 30, 2013.
Thanks again,
A.J. Huffman and April Salzano
co-editors, Mistletoe Madness Anthology

Kind of a Hurricane Press:

About Us

We are an eclectic bunch here at Kind of a Hurricane Press.   We read it all.  We write it all.  We like it all.  We are planning to do it all.

Over upcoming months our staff hopes to provide online poetry journals for as many different poetric genres as we can handle.  We are starting off with a basic contemporary poetry site, Pyrokinection.  Please feel free to drop by, check us out, and send us work!  http://www.pyrokinection.com/

Additionally, our second poetry site, Jellyfish Whispers is now online.  As residents of the Sunshine State, our hearts will always belong to the sea specifically, and nature in general, so it’s no wonder our first genre-specific poetry site will feature nature-themed poetry.  Please feel free to drop by, check us out, and send us work!  http://www.jellyfishwhispers.com/  

Finally, in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future, the powers that be here at Kind of a Hurricane Press hope to expand to online ebooks, chapbooks, and even full-length collections from our favorite poets.  (Please note:  we currently are NOT open for submissions for these yet.)

Stay tuned for more details on the other forthcoming journals from the brain droppings of our creative department.

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