Ricky McDermott













We need all your Help in tracing a missing person who plays his Football with BmcUnited FootballClub , Ricky McDermott aged 17 has not been seen since last night leaving a chipper in Oldcastle at 12.30am , can you please share this on your page to help find him asap , Anyone with any information can you contact Bmc Secretary Angie Melia 0879114379 or get in contact with Oldcastle Garda 0498541102…. Ricky also played his Schoolboy Football with Oldcastle Utd Afc ….Everyone Share and hopefully he comes home soon !! Volunteers have arranged a meeting time of 5.00 am at McCabes Bar ,Crossakiel Handball Alley for their continued search of young Ricky McDermott !!! Anyone wishing to join the Search party please Wrap up warm , Wear a high Vis Jacket, Welly’s and meet there !! Please call Fergal McCabe 0866020218 A.S.A.P if volunteering
Thank You
Meath & District League

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  • pdlyons  On April 5, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    unfortunatly this young mans body was found on tuesday in the black river .


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