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Kisses, by pd lyons from Caribu & Sister Stones: Selected Poems


saddles loosened

reins looped round a tree

ponies nickering at rest

just enough blue breeze whispers

answering tall almost gone to seed grass

some where in that summer

that girl still waits on me

From Caribu & Sister Stones: Selected Poems, Belfast Lapwing 2009

ISBN 978-1-905425-90-7

Picture 011

Mozart Windows by PD Lyons



Mozart Windows

cool Irish summer

early enough

for dawn chorus




I cannot tell you – by pd lyons

i cannot tell you


soft things stir in my heart

sad smile unsolicited

as if light inside tickle

not quite laughter

free from inventory

free from speculating

a sweet savoury genuine

beyond words






Throats Full of Graves


I am thrilled to be possession of copies of my new book, ‘Throats Full of Graves’. Anyone wishing to purchase a signed copy can do so through this link.

Yet more generous words from Tim Buck can be read here. I continue to be very grateful for his support.


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Jesse Morales – BESTIARY

DM du Jour

A praying mantis offers up its last flutter, seizes, falls.
Cracking on a brick step,
its abdomen releases one fat maggot
which saunters forth the first of nine.
Empty casket, open womb.

The corpse of a little boy wastes in the parlor,
his hair oiled and combed too neat,
eyes stiff open.
Mosquitoes refuse him but flies don’t.

Campfire bacchanalia.
Brown glass bottles singing in the leaves.
Passing opossums raid an uncapped butter bowl
and glory in the fat. Dip the snout in the loot!
Then, vomit.

A child, swiping for a lost peach under the bed
pulls out a yellow mouse, dead.
Later when she eats the fruit, and always,
she tastes blood instead of juice.

An image of lust: a flock of chickens
consuming a nest of black ants.
Soon as the harried ant emerges from its hold
a stabbing beak swoops down.
And the anthill never runs…

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This was me fooling around with learning the mountain dulcimer a la Joni Mitchell. Now I might actually have to learn to play that too! 


Hey. Over there with the blue suit on

If you listen you’ll hear my song for you.

Hey, will my heart ever be the same?

Though I don’t even know your name, it’s true.


Hearts pound, love found, come round me dear.


Cuz I love you.

And I want to know, could you love me too?

And I want to kiss you in the rain.

Come on and kiss me in the rain.


Hey, do you want to come out and play

Though I don’t have the guts to say hello.

Hey, I’m embarrassed and often shy.

Can I order tea and a guy to go?


Too scared, impaired, hey where’d you go?


Cuz I love you.

And I…

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Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 84: Ancille Merevija Part 3

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 84: Ancille Merevija Part 3.


good info here. thank you!

Black Coffee Poet

Preparing For A Poetry Reading

By Jorge Antonio Vallejos

I’m reading tonight at a conference put on by a local organization called Colour of Poverty.  The conference, From Poverty To Power, has been on for the last three days.  The organizers wanted to include arts that reflected the topic so two fellow poets and I will be on stage tonight.

Who better than poets to know about poverty!

This is my third reading this year.  I read my fist commissioned poem, Spreading The Roots and Reach of the Living Tree, at a law conference in March; I read an essay, On Reading Chrystos: Her Words Are Not Vanishing, about challenging rape culture via poetry at a literature conference in early April; and tonight I’m reading poems about poverty.

I have a pre-reading ritual before every reading that might help some of you writers who read in public. …

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Queen of Heaven: story #5 (30 stories in 30 days)

Queen of Heaven: story #5 (30 stories in 30 days).

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