This was me fooling around with learning the mountain dulcimer a la Joni Mitchell. Now I might actually have to learn to play that too! 


Hey. Over there with the blue suit on

If you listen you’ll hear my song for you.

Hey, will my heart ever be the same?

Though I don’t even know your name, it’s true.


Hearts pound, love found, come round me dear.


Cuz I love you.

And I want to know, could you love me too?

And I want to kiss you in the rain.

Come on and kiss me in the rain.


Hey, do you want to come out and play

Though I don’t have the guts to say hello.

Hey, I’m embarrassed and often shy.

Can I order tea and a guy to go?


Too scared, impaired, hey where’d you go?


Cuz I love you.

And I…

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