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little witches by pd lyons



Little witches

One little witch

with bright yellow shoes

did a magic spell and then there were two

two little witches

in a white birch tree

did a magic spell & then there were three

3 little witches

at the red kitchen door

did a magic spell and then there were 4

4 little witches

sharpen  silver knives

did a magic spell and then there were 5

5 little witches

on blue broom sticks

did a magic spell and then there were 6

6 little witches

At a quarter past eleven

Did a magic spell and then there were 7

7 little witches

on a green metal gate

did a magic spell and them there were 8

8 little witches

making spider wine

did a magic spell and then there were 9

9 little witches

chasing grumpy ladies and cross face men

did a magic spell and then there were 10

10 little witches

with their little black cats

did a magic spell and next Halloween they’ll all be back!

dont make me cast a spell on you!

don’t make me cast a spell on you!

















for all who journey October 31 – halloween

may all who journey remember

may all who journey remember

tonight the new year begins. tonight the old fades and yet not quite disappears. we mark this night with memory and renewal. all beings make the journey dark to light, light to dark. all beings live and pass away. all beings know sorrow, know joy. all with varying degree of fear. tonight we will be fearless remembering our dead, those who are now gone from us, as well as hopes and dreams, gone lost out grown out dated. we will without fear look at what truly was and then what truly is. only through that courage may we come to peace with our ghosts and haunting. only through our courage to be honest will we find a way of peace for ourselves. and so we make the offerings, our smoke our fruits apple pomegranate, seeds and skins pips and blood. so we say go forth spirits you are honoured your are loved you are forgiven and there are no chains, no deeds left to be worried or done or undone, be free spirit – visit when you wish not because you’re chained. light the candles but fear not the dark. all ghosts are hungry but your heart is big enough to feed and sooth them. your heart is strong enough to be soft un concerned with righteousness, justice, right or wrong.

and this is the night this is the night we say to them come feed drink rest we will not betray you.

and this is the night we mark the veil between the worlds we live in, this road between worlds we journey.

and when the moments right we’ll know and rising up from peaceful space bid adieu and journey out for tonight is the night we mark the living and all that may or may not be. this is the night we have the courage to look at what is and say we do not know we do not need we do not want and oh how yes that anything can happen perhaps dressed up in outlandish costumes we spin and dance and kick as high as we can our feet as if the stars and moon truly were the sidewalks of our trick or treating life.


gets the urge for going

the most wonderful time of the year

its almost here

its almost here

true witch by pd lyons

She made her way through the balmy autumn evening. She was checking the store front windows for a sign. It was around here somewhere. Ah here we are. The New Age Wicca & Pagan Emporium. Sounds like it would be the place she thought.

Meanwhile inside the ladies were gathering for their weekly meet. Tonight of course was the big one as it was Halloween night or Samhain. They were all done up in their finest. Gowns and skirts of various autumnal hues, tingling with bells or sparkling with glitter. Daggers polished bright and wands of crystals amethyst quartz gathering at the circle out behind the shop in the small high walled courtyard.

All at once they grew silent as the jangle of the store shop door bells let them know someone else had entered. Someone else had come.

But we are all here

Who could it be?

I thought I locked the door

Maybe some last minute shoppers?

Let’s go see…

Oh my god, I mean goddess cried one.

What are you playing at said the shop owner?

true witch

You’ve got some nerve to come here to night.

Aren’t you a little old for trick or treat.

Well said the old woman sorry to be a bit late but I had a time finding the place. I just couldn’t track it down.

That’s not what we mean.

What then I was told witches were welcome here.

Yes but you’ve got to be

Kidding. Yeah look at you.

Even a wart on the end of your nose.

What said the old one?

Look I don’t know what you’re playing at but you can’t stay here looking like that.

You don’t like the way I look?

No that’s not it of course we think all Wicca should have green faces and warty noses, oh and the pointy hat and black over coat just priceless I suppose you have striped socks and ruby slippers.

Well what’s how I dress got to do with anything. You all don’t look to practical to me if I might be so bold.

We are true Wicca not some stereotypical throw back to Hollywood and trick or treat.

By the way where’s your broom?

Well I left it out side across the door way as is tradition.

Tradition what would you know.

Look we don’t have time for this you had your fun now go away.

You all seem to be rather rude to me not liking my face not liking my clothes

Well what did you expect, go on get out.

I expected some mutual respect. I expected perhaps some wiser tack than to insult those who aren’t like yourselves. I’m not used to such small minded witches…

What would you know of witches you don’t know a thing about the true religion…

Oh whatever it is I know or not, I can tell this is not the place for me.

Good they said now there’s the door. Imagine the nerve, go on good night.

So the old one left the jangling door announced her departure. And all the ladies rushed up, to see that she was gone once and for all. The one locked and double locked the door other peering out the windows between the official merchandise.

They saw sure enough she had a broom. Can you believe it a freaking broom? They saw her pick up the broom which sure enough had lain across the door stoop. And several ladies almost wet themselves with laughter while others grew quite indignant when they saw the old one walk down the steps and on the sidewalk straddle the broom but no one said a word none moved but all collectively drew and held a deep breath of pure amazement when the old one flew away.


recovering raven

DSC_9959 DSC_9961 DSC_9958







hay no straw





happy birthday little raven


You used to do skate board tricks.

So I sent padded gloves,

Black leather to wrap up your wrists and around your fore arms.

You used to play guitar.

So I got you something electric

V shaped to play loud and hard.

You used to run through the reservoir woods.

So I went bringing you bottles of delicious new wine.

You used to like earl grey tea.

So I sent a porcelain teapot,

Green with creature faces from Ireland.

You used to worship the goddess.

So I gave you a dagger,

Rose wood handle, cow hide sheath –

Aged by hunting blood –

Stained by my own youth.


get ready for halloween

DSC_6868true witch

3 poems by Jordan Rice – The Feminist Wire | The Feminist Wire

3 poems by Jordan Rice – The Feminist Wire | The Feminist Wire.

These are fantastic works of poetry!

True strong hard sharp – beauty by Jordan Rice


Jordan Rice’s poems have been published or are forthcoming in American Literary Review, Colorado Review, Gulf Coast, Indiana Review, Mid-American Review, Mississippi Review, and Witness, among others, and were included in Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics, The Southern Poetry Anthology Volume V, Best New Poets 2011, A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, Collecting Life: poets on objects known and imagined, Best of the Web 2009, and Best New Poets 2008.  Her work was also selected for the Indiana Review Poetry Prize, the Richard Peterson Poetry Prize from Crab Orchard Review, the Gulf Coast Poetry Prize, the Milton-Kessler Memorial Prize from Harpur Palate, the Yellowwood Poetry Prize from Yalobusha Review, and the AWP Intro to Journals Awards.  She received an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University.



why we like rolling thunder quarterly/ 6 poems by pd lyons

Hell yes~ These are awesome! I’d love to use all of them for the fall issue. I’ll keep you posted as the release approaches in late October.

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Rolling Thunder Quarterly: Fall 2013

Paperback, 108 Pages
This item has not been rated yet
Price: €19.06
Ships in 3–5 business days
Edited by Tommy Anthony. featuring Kevin Catalano, Jeff Kappell, Rachael Delamar, Anne Carrath Donoghue, Raven Nicole Hughes, Chiisai, Glenn Killman, Alex, Alyssa, Sarah Brooks, Sally Deskins, Kim Farleigh, Crazy Lombardo the Master of Pork, Jim Lopez, PD Lyons, Bethany W. Pope, Fernando Meisenhalter, Matt Morris, Simon Rogghe, Kris Ryan, Emily, Lyn Friberg, Tara, Tali, Stacie Thompson, Trinity, Penelope Tyson, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Leena Worthy, and David S. Pointer
Women Buying Guns In America
Smash the fuckin’ TV walk barefoot in the snow
Pierce ourselves with steel
Chew tequila worms ‘til the hand of god wipes our mouths
Piss wherever, say whatever fuck whoever
Fearless with the night of any street of any place
And no Thelma and Louise
We don’t die
Don’t even get caught
We hide
Disguised as geriatric cunts
Happy enough to sleep now
Two ends of the same rope coiled
Richly deserved never never land
Surrendered, only to each other
Our Peter Pan tongues.


Crazy teenage slut
She wasn’t really the pretty sort but she wasn’t all that bad.
She wasn’t really very smart you might-a called her dumb.
But she was great for givin’ head and if you treated her just right
She’d fuck your friends as well.
And somehow she didn’t mind it,
All those guys that loved her all those nights,
Even though they’d just look right through her in the school day light.
Yeah some how she didn’t mind it she made it be alright
And every boy that loved her grew up to be a man.
And every man one of them married other girls,
The kinda girls that wouldn’t care about her even if they knew.
And maybe she still thinks about it, maybe years go by.
And maybe she hears about them, their new lives and their wives.
And maybe she goes out and gets herself a gun,
She seen it on TV, she knows it can be done.
Finds out where they live, where they work, where they go to church.
And you know there’s nothing to it, just knock at the door, an appointment at four, a seat on the aisle.
Just give em a smile. Just say hello. Just see what they say.
And later in the court room with all the visits done
Tell the judge “I’m sorry for all those things I done.
Sorry for them guys and for their families. But wasn’t it just like they said
Too stupid to even be a whore; just a crazy teen age slut?
So you see it is insanity your honour not no murder one.
I was and still am crazy that’s what each one said…”
And maybe she still thinks about it
Maybe years go by.

Plus four more poems by pd lyons

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