why we like poetry quarterly



Author: pd lyons

The silent policeman
Lay himself down
Across the great western highway
Tired from watching everyone
He wants a return to dreaming
A return to those days of the high bush
Those days of the interior.

Swimming into limestone caves
Box of toucan matches
Lighted lantern
Floats on a little block of wood
While on a smoke of kerosene
Coming back to him now, the words of his fathers:
“So now you know. Everything is alive.”

The silent policeman
Lay himself down
Across the great western highway
Tired of growing heavy with the world
He wants a way
To avoid
End of Paradise Hotels
ESSO drums
To return
To those days of the interior.

Behind his eyes bare foot women light the lamps
Honey shadows seep up into a palm thatch
While owls make questions of constellations
And rolling in from across the valley
A hush answers “From the pale eye of the hunter
A single tear drop fell arching over an unseen face
It touched Earth and disappeared.”

Ring tail ghosts come by
Soft grey kisses through white jungle nets of night
Beyond an ancient plaza
Immersed in some whisper of wings
Jealous eyes of jaguar
Two great gold pearls on the edge of rain.



The Winter Issue is here!

Our Winter Issue is in paperback…

We hand-selected a beautiful assortment of poems for the Winter 2013 issue. This issue also features the Rebecca Lard Award winner, Joan Siegel, and includes nearly a dozen works in a full feature of this talented poet. Catherine Harnett is also recognized for her achievement as a runner up to the prize. Her poem also appears in the issue.

Other poets include:
Christopher Piazza – James Bowling – A.J. Huffman – Arthur Heifetz – Colin Campbell – Eric Mellen – Dylan Youngers – Jillian Ross – Trista Hurley-Waxali – Adam Sprague – Jim Davis – Dorothy Reitz – James Grabill – April Salzano – Harry Youtt – Jessi Walker – Terrence Sykes – Sarah Marchant – AJ Stoughton – Claudia Serea – Brian Edwards – Timothy Pilgrim – Richard Moss – Aileen Bassis – Bruce Price – Timothy Norton – Dennis Herrell – Doc Burkard – Lloyd Russell – T.J. Cheverie – Kevin Elliott – David Harris – Gloria Keeley – Neila Mezynski – Martha Christina – Morgan Bazilian – Julia Hogan – Deborah Wong – Pd Lyons – Lizza Rodriguez – Patricia Williams – Nells Wasilewski – Stuart Freyer














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