When We Lived on Nelson Ave by pd lyons


When We Lived on Nelson Ave

days when my father took milk and sugar
leaving the spoon in his coffee

my mother whistled among lilacs and roses

mahogany furniture kept well polished
special knives and forks only used on holidays

I knew the name of Lilly of the valley
not to ever put them in your mouth

there were kittens in the sun porch
we watched born from a tabby cat named Felix

there were cherries from our backyard tree
so red I thought they were black,
tasting like no cherries
ever would again

original published June 2010 by Blue Lotus Review




we lived in a small white house at the Meridan road side of nelson avenue Waterbury ct until i was four years old. i can still taste those cherries.


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  • B  On March 4, 2014 at 4:42 am

    In Times long gone a random wander
    Brought me to a road to ponder
    Was not far from my home base
    But would not call it a close place

    Lots of cigs and youthful vibes
    Malt liquor and rival tribes
    the friends made there are now long gone
    a half recalled verse of a distant song

    So it seems i had found my way
    To ancestors home land from back in the day 🙂
    many joyous times were had
    Who knew it was the root of dad?


    • pdlyons  On March 4, 2014 at 12:31 pm

      thanks very much for this


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