New Riders At The Palace, by pd lyons

New Riders At The Palace/sunset show


New Riders at the Palace. Four dollars fifty cents; Sunset show. Hanging on East Main hour n a half to go. Around the corner by the Shamrock bar, light a joint and walk about. Pass by two guys from California. Walk together for a while passing the joint between us. They go into the Palace Hotel. I stand in line for the doors to open. Hare Krishnas make the rounds up and down the line say Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna and they give you a cookie or something sweet, sometimes give you a book or a booklet cool pictures to bring home and paste up on the wall trippy coloured god-head with many many many blue tinged girls. Turns out the guys from California were in the band one was the drummer and the other played steel or pedal or something I cant remember now cause it’s over forty years gone by. Used to tell people it was Garcia but I don’t know, I mean I didn’t know who they were then so how could I have ever said for sure at any point?







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