Now Safe In Snug Harbour, by pd lyons

Now Safe In Snug Harbour

Think there is nothing left because
Things are not they way they were?
I have shouted at the city-blocked midnight
Danced fence post crooked side walked racially slurred neighbourhoods
Found my way past numerous boot strap bras soft slung underwear
Love named and nameless roof tops vestibules pine wood parked cars basements garages around the corner from some bar
All long railroads of dreams no longer gleaming dull rust into misuse

What is this pulse less thing?
Where is the pushing through my blood?
Undeniable maniacal all experience worth while
How failing of words to name you muse?

Once I belonged to your ancient word
Once midnight meant something swinging at the park
Shouting strings continuous words
Stars  sky earth and bug sounds
Hardly known girl beside me
Waiting supplicant for the dew that would soon cover us
Cold reservoir air upon one another
Our open mouths another universe.

And days or nights never mattered
Hit by shrapnel amphetamine opiate subduction
Elegantly by psychedelics led

Behind whatever it is things have become?
Oh these things were meat for you
All this was blessed for words by you
And I needed to know nothing because all newness was all sacred.


Tears of lovers in the dark
Knowing soon that we would part
No longer see another day
The way we were
Now so far away

All my instruments pointed
All my solitude true
It was not to other lovers
No mortal could compare
No substance base, mercurial,
Nothing compared to you.

I could not understand factories of men and beer




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