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The Winter’s House In Windtown, by pd lyons


The Winter’s House In Windtown

Saturday the witches came
haggard hoary bristly three
and in the kitchen at the sink
incanting charms and pantry spells
resorted themselves to true beauty

and walking by the lake again
cut bouquets of certain weeds
grown only on forgotten graves
taunted frogs with transformation
lured from whispering reeds
wood duck, heron, silent swan
cupped and rubbed soft feathered chins
left them fast asleep invisibly protected through the night

upon their fingers velvet bats
sang busy beeping songs
until blown away with kisses.

then made it back for midnight tea
around the blazing fire
wood rum, pale cakes, spiced ales
nettle cheese, fresh sliced pumpkin, acorn soup, roast chestnuts
honeyed mushrooms, steaming cups of coffee coco

and greeted right well all
unknown travelers of the night
but none so well as the stray tabby cat
intent on playing catch the porch pixies
bounded slid across the polished floor
and before she could correct herself and flee?
clear bowls of cream
cooked river fish
petted, stroked, and secret named
til red cushion velvet by the fire purred herself to sleep

and on the first faint sign of sunrise
a final toast of elderberry
helped to do the tidy up
before slightly stumbling up the stair
to find their way beneath the duvets of my creaking bed



Shh…, by pd lyons



young legged dream
blue moon tights
pillows of lies
languid skirts
smudged red lips shh like smoke




little witches, by pd lyons (october 2013 version)

 wishing you a bit of joy & magic for the holiday season



Little Witches

One little witch

with bright yellow shoes

did a magic spell and then there were two

two little witches

in a white birch tree

did a magic spell & then there were three

3 little witches

at the red kitchen door

did a magic spell and then there were 4

4 little witches

sharpen  silver knives

did a magic spell and then there were 5

5 little witches

on blue broom sticks

did a magic spell and then there were 6

6 little witches

At a quarter past eleven

Did a magic spell and then there were 7

7 little witches

on a green metal gate

did a magic spell and them there were 8

8 little witches

making spider wine

did a magic spell and then there were 9

9 little witches

chasing grumpy ladies and cross face men

did a magic spell and then there were 10

10 little witches

with their little black cats

did a magic spell and next Halloween they’ll all be back!

dont make me cast a spell on you!



Sometimes In This Writing Life ( Part: 3) by pd lyons

today is not the day for final readings

nor the day for the heart rendered into food for thoughts

no, not that or any other house work

not any mandatory thing at all


it is a day of something raw

something torn and warm

its own secret source of heat

pulled and pulling

my own



mix media pd lyons






these things that come to me in dreams, by pd lyons

we came upon them by stealth
a group of children play with sticks and  rags like flags
a half dozen ponies hobbled in high grass
a thin trail of smoke rises through cold air like a prayer
and we antitheses of blessings readied our weapons

I saw her
silent to death
her child
no more than four
ribbons before

that moment stopped in violence
never ends

DSC_3191from “the bluebook poems” ruff

why we like – erbacce-press & Michael Mc Aloran & Edith Jones Rubin

The erbacce-prize for 2014


Winner; with a vote from every single member of the panel: Tim Taylor

Runner-up; with five votes out of six from the panel: PD Lyons

Two other poets were mentioned as ‘exceptional’ and we shall ask each of them to be a featured poet in a future erbacce-journal; this will mean they’ll be interviewed and one half of the journal will be dedicated to them and their work: Elio Lomas and Richard Hughes

There were 5,450 accepted entries and just over another 300 were rejected for not following submission guidelines

So that’s it for 2014. Thanks go out to all of you who sent entries and right now it’s time to get together your submission for 2015; we’ll be open for entries at the beginning of January and we’ll close the 2015 contest on May 31st




Poems portray pitfalls and ecstasies of memory, as well as exquisitely wrought impressions of Here and Now.  Rewarding to read and ponder deep insights and wonderful juxtapositions in this poetry.

Edith Jones Rubin, publisher/writer


P.D Lyons’s new short collection of poetry, Myths of Multiplicity, is a body of work primarily concerned with themes of a colourful nostalgia; of memory, & its uncertainty & the unreality thereof, of love, all composed with a deceptive ease & sureity of liquid language and beautifully placed & balanced lines that carry the reader through intimate landscapes, as they are cinematically revealed. These are beautifully balanced poems, written by a poet possessed of a keen sentience, an exactitude of observation throughout these highly visual/ impressionistic & retrospective pieces. The reader will also find recognition in the existential dilemmas scattered throughout this collection…This is fine writing, & should not be ignored, & is very much recommended. –

Michael Mc Aloran—‘The Zero Eye’, ‘In Damage Seasons’.


Titanic, by pdlyons





Silent swimming cold
Tumblers of fresh water in a lost room

If I had found you instead?
We’d still be together

Unlike the brevity of death
Fucking forever




titanic belfast

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