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what is the ordinary? by pd lyons


a leaf

a blade of grass

the ground we walk on

the air we breathe?


the sky blue

the sky black

stars slowly shifting

phases of the moon

the sun setting

the sun rising?


what is the ordinary?

clear water

salt water

tides changing

river motion


the scent of roses

buzz of insects

birds singing

birds upon the wing

shapes of shifting clouds

the sound of rain upon  warm pavement


what is the ordinary?

your birth

your self

your child

your lover

your life

your death


what is the ordinary?

explain it to  me please



Newish, by pd lyons


even if I told you
even if you believed
would it make a difference
would it change the things that made me , me?

if the ocean would have a name
would it be the one you gave?
not by tongue alone
but browned skin
salt sting
surrendered willingly
expressed audibly
 by  simply rhythmic breath?


the sea made her way
snuck up river
dared an overland short cut
crossed the lake
hitched a ride over the high land
to where the old man sat
 against white stucco
Cuban cigar smoke shaping summer’s first day of heat


right away she began
whispering rolling waves
sounds of silver birds
stars like diamonds
pure black
as if traveling among them there would never be another horizon

behind his eyes the old man simply smiled
oh ribbons of smoke softly audible ahs

at which she paused
saw him then as he truly was
and knew all she could ever  do
was return from whence she came
never to kiss his pale grey eyes again


July 23 14

heres the thing – water protesters – ireland

When I see the photos of the “water protesters” (even those in the independent) I don’t see fringe, I don’t see paddy in a ditch, I don’t see unreasonable people, I don’t see thugs or mad men, I see the people of Ireland finally waking up, I see the people of Ireland saying we are not going to be your golden goose anymore, we are not the fools you believe us to be and I see every politician, newspaper, television station, radio station – all those upon whom the shoes of deceiver fit – tremble with well and truly justified fear.

Come Down From Your Hills, by pd lyons

Come Down From Your Hills

Come down from your hills and see me
Remind me when I was a girl
Tip my kisses with honey
Bathe my feet in your curls

Soft green grass in showers of gold
Apple blossoms swirl like snow
Echoing laughter my hands on your face

Come down from your hills and see me
Remind me when I was a girl
I’m tired of long wool skirts
Tired of wobbly shoes
Tired of being a stranger afraid to remember you




versions of this poem published by the following:

Longford Ireland  



these words by pd lyons

These Words

from the tiredness of my bones
not syllables of warm water mouths
rather emanate rich with marrow silent sensations
hot cold
soft foetal
crescents of your ears
depth deeper than you know of your eyes
the vast rift of tears
your endless heart

alone sometimes in the dark
I have been a labour for you
silently aloud
likewise you should read
these words so unlike other words
each window through which invisible creatures
of what cannot be said climb


morgan lyons photography


About : le chien fantastique!

About : le chien fantastique!.

Offical Book Launch: Myths of Multiplicity by pd lyons, Erbacce Press

PD Lyons will be reading from his new book of poetry MYTHS OF MULTIPLICITY
as well as works from the previously published
at the


How The Book Came To Be :

“We have again broken our record for entries having 5,450 submissions
A further three hundred + were binned because submission guidelines weren’t followed
Over 60% were from women
Most entries were from the USA
Winner; with a vote from every single member of the panel: Tim Taylor
Runner-up; with five votes out of six from the panel: PD Lyons

Two other poets were mentioned as ‘exceptional’ and we shall ask each of them to be a featured poet in a future erbacce-journal; this will mean they’ll be interviewed and one half of the journal will be dedicated to them and their work: Elio Lomas and Richard Hughes
There were 5,450 accepted entries and just over another 300 were rejected for not following submission guidelines
So that’s it for 2014. Thanks go out to all of you who sent entries and right now it’s time to get together your submission for 2015; we’ll be open for entries at the beginning of January and we’ll close the 2015 contest on May 31st…” – from Erbacce Press


all proceeds from books purchased will directly benefit the Erbacce Writers Co-op. Cost is £4.95 and includes shipping worldwide.


between you and “god” by pd lyons

there’s an old saying you can only find god in the desert. basically it means you must go somewhere alone to find god. desert,mountain,cave,closet. its a private thing. its also the same place you have to go to find yourself, cause the difference between god and you is: g-y, o-o, d-u, – just a few letters really.



god on the rooftops of paris

true, from Alan Watts

“A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So he loses touch with reality, and lives in a world of illusion.”
–from Alan Watts Teaches Meditation (1992)DSC_1266




For All The Sylvias , by pd lyons from Myths Of Multiplicity

from the recently published Myths Of Multiplicity. Erbacce-press, Liverpool UK. If you order from Erbacce then not only is postage free

but all profits will directly benefit Erbacce writing co -operative.



For All The Sylvias

sometimes our Odysseus hearts
slip all those sailor knots

sometimes life, not appalling,
rather free – so free we can choose to fly

we have not always carried
flaming skulls of anger
sipped curdled clots of blood

we have not always harmonized
harsh heavy dogs of our dismay
gristled our own lovers

sometimes we have slipped clearly,
breathless and perfectly certain
beyond all mysterious constraint

sometimes we do not come back.

sapphiric no more
golden filigree no more
sun dress polka dots
tall G&T’s
heart shape sunglasses

our children pail and shovel the beach
their laughter, their chatter
muted by waves
grown more distant,
ever more distant


from the recently published Myths Of Multiplicity. Erbacce-press, Liverpool UK. If you order from Erbacce then not only is postage free

but all profits will directly benefit Erbacce writing co -operative.




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