when he had finished covering you with kisses, by pd lyons

photo by pdlyons

photo by pd lyons

Back in my early horse days when life was mostly pure drama and mad passion – sometimes but not always self preservation would step in –

So one day when he had finished covering you with kisses

not long after you knew he’d be leaving for good

you went out on that flea bit mare

old trails just before the picnic rapids

crossed the shallows

goat trailed it up steep rock ridge

high enough to be free from cob webs and biting bugs

above the serpintine valley

restless the mare

bored with standing argues the bit

pulls the reigns

paws the rocky ground

and for a moment

you think of your own Spanish spurs

and then remember :

“never give your heart to anyone but a horse”

foolish? yes.

but still in the saddle

bend her round your leg for home

– from Lessons on Western Riding by pd lyons

Picture 011

photo by pd lyons

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