The Terrorists Stopped My Car, by pd lyons


this has to do very specifically with current political issues in Ireland, where if you stop a government official’s car during a protest over water it is called an act of terrorism and you can be arrested, and as of today’s verdicts jailed.




The Terrorists Stopped My Car


For two hours they wouldn’t let my chauffeur drive.

Two hours they spent trying to convince me –

That it was wrong to add another tax

That it was wrong to spend millions to set up a bonus company

    designed to collect millions more from them forever

That it wrong to add this to the existent burden of;

    decrepit health care, unemployment, scot-free bankers, unprecedented evictions,

    years of non-transparent squander.


For two hours they implored me to listen.


So what did I do once we got through?

After spending days telling every news talk, state owned television, newspaper how –

  Those terrorists , scared me

  Those terrorists who had nothing better to do with themselves,

  Those terrorists who had elected me,

 Those terrorists who voted for me and my party.


Yes that was it, I was afraid of them, terrified by them.

So in daring early morning raids

I had those terrorists arrested.

and then continuing on as Party  Leader

fixed the mask of Larkin

like cloth of an emperor across my double face

so anyone with eyes  could see



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