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Schrodinger’s cat & mouse – out of the box

At your suggestion, and a very good one at that – thanks Edith Jones Rubin!

the cat

the cat

We had a big black cat named ” William Emerald Lyons Gentleman Cat”

He was named by my daughter who is in charge of naming things in our world.

He used to follow us when we went for walks around the lake we lived by.

One time he spotted and caught a  little field mouse and he/they ran up ahead

after a few dozen yards we caught up with him and he stopped,

and before i could reach down – hoping to get him to release it,

he did so himself and the mouse slowly at first and then ran,

back into the hedge row and we all continued on.

Not a mark on the little fellow.






The Terrorists Stopped My Car, by pd lyons


this has to do very specifically with current political issues in Ireland, where if you stop a government official’s car during a protest over water it is called an act of terrorism and you can be arrested, and as of today’s verdicts jailed.




The Terrorists Stopped My Car


For two hours they wouldn’t let my chauffeur drive.

Two hours they spent trying to convince me –

That it was wrong to add another tax

That it was wrong to spend millions to set up a bonus company

    designed to collect millions more from them forever

That it wrong to add this to the existent burden of;

    decrepit health care, unemployment, scot-free bankers, unprecedented evictions,

    years of non-transparent squander.


For two hours they implored me to listen.


So what did I do once we got through?

After spending days telling every news talk, state owned television, newspaper how –

  Those terrorists , scared me

  Those terrorists who had nothing better to do with themselves,

  Those terrorists who had elected me,

 Those terrorists who voted for me and my party.


Yes that was it, I was afraid of them, terrified by them.

So in daring early morning raids

I had those terrorists arrested.

and then continuing on as Party  Leader

fixed the mask of Larkin

like cloth of an emperor across my double face

so anyone with eyes  could see



Fox, a poem by PD LYONS

We used to live by a lake in Westmeath, Ireland. Our house was down a dirt lane that  ended at the shore line. Occasionally the local Hunt would come through, dogs horses and riders hunting for fox. Our neighbour, in the pink house up on the hill, really did prohibit their hunting through his fields – we didn’t have any fields at the time but we did rather have sympathy for the fox.


wonder is a natural response to beauty

wonder is a natural response to beauty



here by the lake they have been trying to get rid of the fox
for hundreds of years
they have used traps
poison, dogs, guns, horses,
gas, shovels, all terrain vehicles
all manner of machine
and cruelty

the pink house on the hill
our neighbour
leaves food for them
prohibits trespassers
allows respite
vixen and cubs
a copse of furze and briar
never cleared

a dog fox sometimes visits
our back garden
our children delight
his untamed manner
arrogant inquisitive
as noticing us he sits up
cocks his head a brief hello
willing to risk an easy target
before with an ease only true natured creatures show –

we humans have shrunk our already short lives with fear
but not the fox
at the fence
he loiters for butterflies






up the lane

up the lane

Open Heart Surgery

DSC_0827 (2)




Open Heart Surgery

Time has passed
And aren’t we old and settled in our ways?
Funny with all our differences
How similar we have become.

But still I don’t know what to do around you
Magnificent stranger, significant giant.
If you were my mother laying there we’d hold each other
Maybe cry together

And wouldn’t I love to?
But isn’t it scary?

So in true manly fashion
I lay the blame on you
Without saying a word
Better safe and sore –

Isn’t that the man thing?
Love the wound.
Fear the healing

photographer unknown

photographer unknown



Ex’s – a Word poem, by pd lyons

paris by pd lyons

paris by pd lyons


Shortage (Antonym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Moderation (Antonym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)







paris by pd lyons

paris by pd lyons

paris by pd lyons

paris by pd lyons



So Now That I have My Computer Back – Notes by PD Lyons

So now that I have my computer repaired and back – thank you very much to  NavanPC ! I am spending the last few hours sorting files from the other two laptops I had been limping along with. Getting rid of duplicates, organizing folders and ultimately finding old stuff which for better or worse I will be revising and editing starting today. Who knows what gems or rhinestones will be uncoverd. Here’s some ruff diamonds from maybe the 90’s. Good Luck.




Notes On Being Sick

some unprovoked violence
I’d bring up
sightless wordless
shake n smash
slap n wake n pull
from a constricting bag of skin
a weep a wake
to leave breath n bone behind again

what waits
outside the barking dogs
secret traffics
pre May dawn
natural as breathed
sooner than not
seeped stopped
eased no more wondering
all that other time at last
briefer miracle
no more so I know
falsely I am
every changing shape shifting
so called life
a moment thing

which me am I?

My old cities
rose up out
from above
ruins bright n shining
Goliath shrines
silver unlike any bird
shadowing resurrected bays
long veined polished rivers
symphonicly far as any ancient woodland lore

propped up
best I can
most uncomfortable ever bed

crow sounds
silver sun shadows the page
all it takes to ease the ache
not even knowing
what I read
the largeness an open window
dissolves all imposed restrictions
of my self
and what would comfort done?
a sleep til noon then what?

Notre dam Paris

Notre dam Paris

a practitioner shouldn’t show off & buddha is not a creator god

unknown photographer

unknown photographer

a practitioner shouldn’t show off

a practitioner shouldn’t show off except at the time of death, when best is to laugh, next best it to be unafraid and third best is to have no regrets –

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Blazing Splendor.

pd lyons photo artist unknown - paris

pd lyons photo artist unknown – paris

Buddha is not a creator god

– Buddha is not a creator god. A Buddha does not manage the universe, controlling sentient beings destiny, rewarding some punishing others.

-Someone doesn’t work for countless great eons to become enlightened and then just relax and go to sleep.

–Thubten Chodron – How To Free Your Mind : Tara The Liberator

For the Ice to Heal, by pd lyons

wrote this while living in Cape Breton – the winters were longish there and sometimes folks could get a bit depressed about it, and steel mills were gone and the liquor was chap. but the ocean was beautiful, the pack ice on a sunny day would sing like wind chimes as sea birds and wood land birds would follow as I walked alone upon the rough shore line


For the Ice to Heal

From the kitchen window

Curtain less

Stiff abandoned

On the line

Since October

Sentinel dish towel

Clumsy signal


Not yet

Not yet

Might as well

Another coffee

Something for the birds

Rare as rubies cardinal

Blue jays bright stuns my eyes

Dull small brown little things



First thing tomorrow

Auger from the garage

Break that agreement

Made with myself

To wait

snow by morgan lyons

snow by morgan lyons

Augers – either gas- or hand-powered – are used by ice fishermen to drill holes to fish through.





why we like A New Ulster poetry

why we like A New Ulster poetry

I am very happy to have work appearing in the current issue of A New Ulster. Looks like i am in very fine company indeed. Thank you very much Amos Greig. Please do yourselves and us a favor by checking things out via ISSUU link. Also available in print. cheers

Busy Work – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

barna galway

barna galway

Busy Work

Some people think that they will practice the dharma once they have
finished with their worldly business. This is a mistaken attitude
because our work in the world never finishes. Work is like a ripple of
water continually moving on the surface of the ocean. It is very
difficult to break free from our occupations in order to practice
dharma. The busy work with which we fill our lives is only completed
at the time of our death.

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Meaningful to Behold


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