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ash myliu KAREN, street art photograph


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don’t blame jesus for your stupid shit

so where in your book does Jesus say to exclude and persecute? does he promote the attacking of those who are different? does he say rebel against Cesar? does he say thanks peter for chopping that guys ear off now can you finish him for me – hes a pagan after all. does he say no women, does he say lepers deserve their state for past sins – no help for them. does he say get these beggars out of my sight. does he say any of the hate stuff that i hear so much these days? know what he says – treat each other like you would treat me. be like little children. be peaceful. forgive as you would be forgiven…. Jesus never said stupid shit.


About Birth, by pd lyons


the first meeting

sky and earth

begot ice


the first meeting

sun and ice

begot the wordless woman


she alone with open mouth

barefoot of silence

taught the earth

all there ever was to know


Picture 146

yes there will be another summer – poem by pd lyons

Bridget Shields Rose

Bridget Shields Rose

Warm summer evening

Soft summer breezes

Stars through the windows

Warm steady breathing

Secretly dreaming

My love asleep in my arms


photographer unknown

photographer unknown










How like dreams now the days too fade, dream poem by pd lyons

Last night I had a dream about you.

Nothing major.

We just met face to face.

You were telling me about my grandmother.

We were outside in the sand.

I was surprised you knew her.

I  never knew she went to Mexico.

It was hot.

We sat down at a rough grey whiskery  table.

Yes, you said and she rode very well.

A bright grey horse among the caballeros.
“And tequila ?” I leaned towards you tete-a-tete  ” What about  the tequila…?”


But the scraping sound of speeding traffic brought me into this morning.


And I wondered Why Mexico?

I was always a bit afraid of Mexico –

Suddenly Last Summer

We don’t need no stinking badges,

Maryse Holder Give Sorrow words,


Decapitations decorating the highways…


But when I was a kid –


Bands of silver trumpeters.

Hat dancing.

Cielito lindo.

raw silver jewelery, grumpy looking straw cowboys, hand bags made of alligator,

those souvenirs sent to my mother from her favorite uncle, 

United States Army Air Forces navigator.


And why you?

I had called you Jan.

You had written to me about my own work.

I had admired yours, especially the Creation Myths,

Hoped someday you’d do an audio version.


How like dreams now,
the days too


Re: Ethel Pollard Lyons

Thanks to Donna J Snyder for telling me


Picture 011

Cowboy, by pd lyons



When I was a cowboy
I always wore boots,
I rode a chestnut mare
And she never went quits.
We’d take any trail
We’d cross any bridge.
Sometimes she was nasty,
She kicked and she bit

But we’d cover big country
By night or by day,
A walk or a jog
Or just plain run away.
I was crazy to love it,
But I thought it was fun,
Just me and the wild one
Out on our own.

But when I was a cowboy
  I always wore boots
IAnd rode a chestnut mare
Who never went quits –
Well boots is just leather
And horses do die
Now the trails paved over
And wire seems to stretch
Right up to the sky.
And me I’m just here in this ol’ county bar
Trying to roll another cigarette
And nursing warm beer.




truly see the world, a child like poem by Pd lyons

if we truly see the world as it is our hearts would break.

and  if our hard and well protected hearts  broke

then they would become truly soft.

what if we all treated the world with softness,

the natural softness of the human heart?

is that buddha

is that Christ,

is that the Goddess

is that Allah,

God, Krishna


i dont know but it could be us

and  if were us, what would our world look like then?


child like


on wendy decorating the new apt, by pd lyons





i dont want to talk to you

maybe show you maybe not

little more to the left but not really so close as all that

morning when the door knocked open

let no one enter without waking me

barefoot naked knife in hand

out the back three flights down

running i almost followed

almost let the dog go


But by then he was gone.


little more to the right but not as close as all that

night arguing about something

and where was the dog

what did he do

the fuckin dog

didnt you really mean

why didnt i do something

equally raging i wanted to know

why didnt you do something

why didnt you make it different

he came back alright

But by then you were gone. 

all roads, by pd lyons

all roads are dead ends

designed to lead us where

someone else

thinks we should go


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