While you sleep/ 1978, by pd Lyons

Just rediscovered this one in an old note book. The thing that I find interesting about it is the date it was written – how long before we learn from history?


While you sleep

nuclear power plants are breathing out unknown
yet safe amounts of radioactivity

super stars are putting pistols to their heads
and blowing the lights out

Russian satellites are crashing into Canada
and the girl next to me is asking her husband
if he likes the newscasters hair

While you sleep

there’s no water in California,
no heat in my house
kids are killing each other with guns
over marijuana
cops are beating people to death for parking in the streets

and I have to work with a guy who thinks America
is perfect,
who doesn’t want to make love with or even fuck women
but rather he likes to “fuck that shit”

While you sleep
Are you dreaming?


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