Should The Question Beg For Answer, by PD Lyons

lough lene

lough lene


Should The Question Beg For Answer

will the water be beautiful?

will I thank every drop of the sea?

the sky, will  it  be so blue,

I’ll find ships sailing in the clouds?

and emerald and hawthorn

would I lay down there again?


rise to wander mists by fairy lakes

secret women drift in sleek wolfhound shapes

lead by old and limping men

between hedgerow  and dirt lanes


speak with mallard fox and  swan

their stories told of long ago

when black cats and tabby cats,

small black terriers through stone walls and brier

sure and steady tacked

all possibility of horses



one day when we were on our second year back in America, Shelly turned to me and asked “Do you think we should go back?”  I immediately wrote this poem, after saying  “Yes. Today. “

what is not magaic?

what is not magaic?



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