Magumbo, by pd lyons as published by A New Ulster Magazine


in the back yards of the moon
mountains ever silk
a cigarette a champagne
a dress for dinner
as if we would ever
be back

the only true things
ghosts unable to sleep
unable to abide the weight of age and flesh

princess and the cats
a woman afraid of her own jungle
hunter of the caged
a man afraid of mortality
how could our hungers meet?
how could our true nature reveal –
those ghosts we fear so much,
all the spirit we could have been
all we trade away so cheap.

in obligation of our evenings
entitlement of our heritage
sweat black the spear singers
sweat black the towel holders
as if the pale god held sway
with out the guns of our own steel
with out the cripple nature of our own fears
we could never make our way a way




This one is part of a on going series called afternoon movies. Released in 1953. Mogambo.  Dir. John Ford, stars Clark Gable & Ava Gardener

as I don’t usually watch afternoon movies the series is rather slow in growth. I think I have a finished one related to Von Ryan’s Express, stars Frank Sinatra.

Anyway Amos Grieg editor of A New Ulster Magazine was kind enough to publish this and a few others in issue #29 Feb. 2015.


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