Porcelain, by Pd Lyons, Inspired by the music of Helen Jane Long as published by Boyne Berries


cold spills of rain

magpies fly
always searching with the light
always dreaming until dawn
when I wake and think you’re here

coffee on the stove
pale light over the stove
I would often think of you
dark mornings just before dawn
standing in this spot – you’d make mine with hot milk

the pain of coffee much to hot to drink
the ache of winter haunts my hands
when I close my eyes I cannot see you any more

cold and spills of rain
the music porcelain plays again


(Inspired by the music of Helen Jane Long/ www.helenjanelong.com)


as published by Boyne Berries Magazine http://boyneberries.blogspot.ie/


Years back I was lucky enough to discover and purchase this Helen Jane Long CD – Porcelain. At one point i was working on this long piece of poetry. The title track of the CD I had set on repeat because it was  evocative of the mood I was working with. Once I was finished with that , I just had to write one dedicated to Helen’s exquisite work. Hope if she every reads it she’d approve.

At some point I sent it to Boyne Berries magazine where they were kind enough to publish it.

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