Now On This side Of The Highway , Sometimes I Still Think Of You, by pd lyons

Now on this side of the highway


I spend more time on looking back than anything


Turns I should have took

Places it would have been better if I stopped


Mostly haze as if dust and sun

conspired with fog and dark

salt and grit   steam and slick

But anyway after a million miles or so

I still see you



As if I could convince you one more time

As if you’d still be in that same old town


Maybe you are

Maybe you’re still with that boy who worked the bowling pins

Bluest eyes we either saw

But I didn’t have the time to stay then

 Figure it  out

Did you really   love him

and if so was it more than me


See there were these wide empty spaces

Pulling like fish hooks in my heart

Wanting me in ways I never thought you could have

And now?

Ah there’s a big rig pulling over

Wonder how many miles

Driving straight into this evening sun

He’ll get me



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