As Long As There Is Silence, poetry by pd Lyons (revised)

what could I give you, for your own?

but that is something no one else can know
or give another.
I can make you hunger
but only you can
give it.
only you could know it.
nothing really to do with me.

that is something I could look you in the eye with.
I could make you cringe.
but that is something you would
never do.
hit back,
yell back,
run away.
a thing only for everyone else to share.

maybe something with ink?
a series of needles
piercing colours
well chose by yourself.
images of meaning
secretly placed in hard for me to reach places.

accompanied perhaps by steel?
pure, stainless,
holding other holes
open for future explorations.
how busy will I then become?
new places
usual spaces
and wherever else could I get lost in you?

what could I give you for your own?
whatever have I always done?
your own cum,
my own tongue,
whatever else you love
as long as there is silence.



Sometimes there is that love between two people. You know the kind.  No matter what you give or do for the other, it becomes a gift to yourself. Its that kind. You know. That’s what this one is about.

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