Inspiration From the First Five Minutes of Billie Hanne’s Map Of Antarctica, by pd lyons


One of the most wonderful things about the current techno age is that there are no borders between artists. I am able to meet and connect with people/artists from all The the world most of which I never would have heard of let alone converse with a few decades ago. Some are inspirational to my own work. Many are so supportive of what at times is a lonely, discouraging, depressing art form which I indulge in – basically I am a poet of isolation. or so it seems sometimes.

Anyway about this blog post; Billie Hanne is a choreographer, dancer, director, artist, teacher based in Brussels.  Some how a few years back I was lucky enough to “discover”  her and the art she is involved with. I got to watch via Vimeo, her Map Of Antarctica. Details of the production as well a a free link to the video of the performance are below. The stills by Julyen Hamilton and others are from that evening. There are about five minuets of the dance before any words are spoken. That silence is what inspired the poetry I have written.  Generously I have been granted prior permission to use the images and video link which I hope, a bit selfishly I must admit, will enhance the quality of my own words. Please consider reading and viewing. Thank you

( stills from camera by Julyen Hamilton and others)





Dreams of old ships
an astringency of ghosts

birthing sounds
blue whale
slips of silver fishes
rime glow among the rigging
sailors lost
gulls cry

dying sounds
such tender flesh
unable to be offered
other than in delirium

before words come
slight sapphiric dakini
slew such movement
no ladder
no stairway
no haven
no need

the first meeting
sky earth
begot ice

the first meeting
sun ice
begot the wordless woman

she alone with open mouth
barefoot of silence
all there ever was to know
about birth
and its opposite
twins of the same blood spread.




this world that does not need our words
sustains us
much like the wounds of my heart.
mind, they are not other than self-inflicted
opened for the suckling
exposed for the penetrating.

do not think, who is the hero?
do not think, who is the predator?
think –
what would you be without me.

as above
so below
as within
so without




the wood of my old bones
search your more limber touch
without silence there is no noise
in ice green dreams breathe
the whiskery strength of which
crossed a world
now firm in your embrace

a sunlight through clear crystal








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  • billie hanne  On July 2, 2015 at 11:14 am

    Thank you Pd! Lovely to see the work in a different context and the poetry you wrote resonates with the material we produced.

    I take the opportunity to credit here my colleagues Theodosia Stathi who had a great input in the making of Map of Antarctica and Sylvain Formatché who I can count on to bathe the action in light.

    A performance by The Wheel
    Dance: Theodosia Stathi and Billie Hanne
    Lights: Sylvain Formatché
    Direction: Billie Hanne

    Liked by 1 person

    • pdlyons  On July 2, 2015 at 5:46 pm

      glad you liked it. and thanks for allowing me to see the performance.


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