A Mandala of Dinosaurs, A Message of Lovers, A Mostly of Crows, by pd lyons

A Mandala of Dinosaurs, A Message of Lovers, A Mostly of Crows



A mandala of dinosaurs      A pestilence of motorcyclists


A red sky of warnings      A coyote of marzipan


A zygote of intelligence      Crystal of Elan-ists


Soda of psychopaths      Preponderance of dictators


Herald of crows      Kansas of superpowers


An eclipse of educators      Blessing of coffees


An autumn of smudges      A winter of geese


A summer of topiaries      A spring of dreams


Empire of penises      A squander of vaginas


A catapult of efforts      A plethora of crows


An envy of ravens      A parcel of pachyderms


A coagulant of desires     A Mercury of fish


Kick-start of starlings     Meandering of serpents


Bucket of worms      Sack of cats


A giggle of girls      Shyness of boys


A Saladin of wisdoms      A crisis of faiths


A plague of religions      Carpet of bread crumbs


Sanctity of prisoners     A rats-ass of carers


Trombone of sex      Conglomerate of crows


A pudding of infants      A declaration of sea shells


A tumble of puppies       A cartoon of kittens


Meander of mysteries     A half league of words


A complaint of crows      A severance of hopes


An ignorance of drivers       A Shenandoah of daughters


A crux of sons       A crossing of souls


A delightful of crows       A smatter of kisses


A moonbeam of tongues       A secretion of secrets


A message of lovers.







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