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Pop Song 1994, lyrics pd lyons, music bren lyons

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pop song 1994

Down the streets of ecstasy
I’ll take my chances endlessly
And there’s no need for me to run
With my fingers wrapped around a gun reality what can it be
But a misery you set for me
there’s no sense in wanting more cuz
this is what I have been put here for

Look around What do I see?
there aint nuthin here for me
Look around what do I see
There aint nuthin more for me

You preachers of morality
how would you do to live like me
heaven’s just a novelty
another thing they denied to me

so down the streets of ecstasy
I’ll make my way most carelessly
and you can judge it tragedy,
but I wont surrender that easily

Look around What do I see?
there aint nuthin here for me
Look around what do I see
There aint…

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Nobody’s Child Should Be Killed For Any Asshole Person, Place or Thing Even If It Is Your “god” .by pd lyons

No body’s child should be killed for any asshole person, place or thing
Even if it is your god.

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Nobody’s Child Should Be Killed

Great adventure
Fraught with spills of Disney danger
Ogre infested roller coasting
Wood slates buckle
In a pre-safety -harness dawn

There are no directions home
Resistance is fatal
No one can verify the conspiracy theory of your life
Contact with those you even think can
Is mercilessly forbidden
(Who are you?)
Why do you think they’re so far away?
No body can stay in one place any more
Besides who do you think they are?

Through cracked glass eye
Looking glass creatures
What will you find?
Where do you go?
Paris in springtime
Looking at you kid
Better hold onto your life
Draped in Shan gri la la la boom D A
Dancing merry as a moth in May

All your wonderful fears
All your fantastical inspirational fears
Settle into muddy sucking reasons,
Reasons to stay home go to work, get insured,
Go home, watch…

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women we should know – Becca Cala : singer, song writer, dancer, musician ,script writer, actress and all around cool person.

For me one of the coolest things about the social media age is all the new artists I get to know about which in the old days i never would have. Here is a most recent and most excellent example – Do yourself a favor and explore Becca Cala – and please feel free to share and support her work. cheers.

So, let me introduce you to Becca Cala, singer, song writer, dancer, musician , script writer, actress and all around cool person. You’ve probably never heard of her and neither did I until today when some one posted this video to me :


So I needed to hear her play, if you watch the above , while it is cool and a great intro to her – they don’t include an audio of her playing. On her own youtube channel i found some, eg:


But I must say one of my favorite discovers of Becca’s was this little film which she wrote and stared in. It has the ultimate best ending of any film i have ever seen! She is accompanied by some of her fellow students and teacher – together they make a charming piece of artwork.


you can read more about her here:

working on shadows stuff – ruff

mix media by morgan lyons

mix media by morgan lyons

shadow of crows
flying from the tree
disappearing behind me to the sky

she had crystals hanging in nearly every window of the house
purified energy – coming in, going out

Mystic Connecticut, the town not the sea port
she bought me one for my car
that little shop just by the draw bridge

had it for years, hung from the rear view mirror one car to another to another

I’ve no idea where it is now though
or how I came to part with it
disappeared maybe it’s with that lock of her hair she gave me?
actually a braid cut from her first hair cut
when she was… maybe late twenty’s
Called me a stupid jerk when she found out I’d lost it

Another shadow; like crows, like Connecticut, like herself
disappearing behind me to the sky

mix media by morgan lyons




Where Her Breasts Used To Be, by pd lyons

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Where Her Breasts Used To Be

he kissed her courage
he kissed her fear
he kissed her sadness
her deep unknowability

because she was his dearest
because she was all he loved
and ever wished to



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Aengus Gets It Right, by pd lyons; as published by the legendary

I will not medicate fear
I will not dogma soul
I will wide open in the dark

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Aengus Gets It Right

breathe in the fever
perfect wood wind violin
single note shape sigh release
weightless tongues
sweet water curls up
fine black pearls clung
each finger brought to your rowan mouth
until unable to bear it any more
laugh and plunge
this time even deeper


where are you singing?
where are you dancing?
tonight in open spaces of my heart
memories keeping us together or apart
when life is only looking back
trading places with the dark
wisdom drawn with silver sticks
without books without roots
unspeakable night this time
I will not medicate fear
I will not dogma soul
I will wide open in the dark


as published by the legendary (May 20, 2010. Issue 17).

In Irish mythology, Óengus (Old Irish), Áengus (Middle Irish), or Aengus or Aonghus (Modern Irish), is a member of the Tuatha…

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my nightwood by pd lyons

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My Nightwood

is some where else

on another shelf

on another table

by someone elses bed

in the hands of another woman

I no longer know

sometimes in this writting life sometimes in this writting life

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Food for Thought / Quote for Today


“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.”

– Oscar Wilde

Song for today: Chris Isaak – Cryin’

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salamander yellow pad/ wilkes barre

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Wilkes Barre/ salamander yellow

Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
At the liquor store. Clos du val in tow. Automatic sliding glass door. Woman standing on the other side. Wants to get in. Waits for me to come out. They never work for me she says. What ? The doors. Oh, says I, maybe it just got stuck. No she says. automatic doors never work for me. Watch. I stood out side and the doors closed and she tried but couldn’t get back out. Wow I say amazed. So that’s your super power! Yeah, she laughed, but not very useful. She turned and went off to shop for alcohol. I went back to the hotel told Michelle all about it. No she didn’t think it would be a good project for research. But i kept thinking about that woman and what was in her body that could stun those automatic doors and…

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for all who journey October 31 – halloween


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may all who journey remember may all who journey remember

tonight the new year begins. tonight the old fades and yet not quite disappears. we mark this night with memory and renewal. all beings make the journey dark to light, light to dark. all beings live and pass away. all beings know sorrow, know joy. all with varying degree of fear. tonight we will be fearless remembering our dead, those who are now gone from us, as well as hopes and dreams, gone lost out grown out dated. we will without fear look at what truly was and then what truly is. only through that courage may we come to peace with our ghosts and haunting. only through our courage to be honest will we find a way of peace for ourselves. and so we make the offerings, our smoke our fruits apple pomegranate, seeds and skins pips and blood. so we say go forth…

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