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little witches by pd lyons

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Little witches

One little witch

with bright yellow shoes

did a magic spell and then there were two

two little witches

in a white birch tree

did a magic spell & then there were three

3 little witches

at the red kitchen door

did a magic spell and then there were 4

4 little witches

sharpen  silver knives

did a magic spell and then there were 5

5 little witches

on blue broom sticks

did a magic spell and then there were 6

6 little witches

At a quarter past eleven

Did a magic spell and then there were 7

7 little witches

on a green metal gate

did a magic spell and them there were 8

8 little witches

making spider wine

did a magic spell and then there were 9

9 little witches

chasing grumpy ladies and cross face men

did a magic spell and then there were…

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So tomorrow shelly has a phone interview with an american employer. also has another Connecticut group interested in her. this november she’ll (maybe we’ll all go if the cash flows unclog) be in Connecticut for some teaching engagements and hopes to set up face to face interviews for then. sent some poems out today RATTLE & some to Handful Of Stones. Calliope nerve has responded to the other days submissions  (quickest response in 40 years!) :

To:, “Calliope Nerve” <>

Your work is great!  Thank you for the submission.s  Look for them at our weblog later in the month. We’ve also sent you an invite to join our e-newsletter.  We appreciate you thinking of our website and if you can add Calliope Nerve to future bios it’s always much appreciated.

Matt “Nobius” Evelsizer
Publisher Calliope Nerve

So thats good for the ego. will post them here too once they’re…

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There’s no place to go, so stay

Its not about going

but staying


Its not about looking

but seeing


Its not about doing

but stillness


Its not about acceptance

but allowing

the thing is, the buddha didn't go - he stayed

the thing is, the buddha didn’t go – he stayed


how soon does bad become, and Boomerz 2 poems by pd lyons

oh and again!

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how soon does bad become
April 11, 2015 at 1:23pm

do you remember what happens when we start saying things like –

all Catholics are bad,

all protestants are bad,

all Jews are bad,

all Palestinians are bad,

all blacks are bad,

all commies are bad,

all japs are bad,

all Americans are bad,

all kids are bad,

all single mothers,

all Paddys,

all immigrants,

all republicans,

all democrats

all Russians,

all Chinese

all Tibetans ,…

how soon does bad become

less than

or sub human

or worthy of extinction?



I live only in memory.

The day to day does not inspire me,

Only wanting to sit here and think of what used to be

Strung out on the drug America.

Safe only in my own home,

Locked doors, paid taxes, insurance policies protect me.

TV-petrol- chemicals nourish me.

People not like me, outrage me.


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and again

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i don’t think we should forget about Charleston south Carolina. i don’t think we should just let this one go. another poor boy off his meds another gun that didn’t kill,l another non racial murder spree. i think we should say lets sue some mfers. i think that churches and places of worship should be terror free. i think the sate whatever state should be responsible for giving people and provide for its citizens a reasonable expectation of safety. i think black people including the black president should be screaming and demanding appropriate action. i think Christians should be pissed that their religion is hijacked by terrorists and that they have been attacked by not only this person but by many of the republican party. if you don’t stop bullying, if you do not complain in the loudest legalist way then you get this…

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dear america – A response to reading the news today by pd lyons

yet again

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dear america
how many does it take?
how many of my beautiful daughters
torn beat burned drugged ripped raped shot?
how many of my beautiful sons?
torn beat burned drugged ripped raped shot
why is there no room for tenderness?
why are the breasts of my motherland sharped to razor edge?
why the strength of my fatherland perpetrating not protecting?
dear america,
when did you become such an abuser of your children?


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broken wing, chet baker yoga – by pd lyons ( À la rentrée )

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today fines grey rain crossing the august green for which this country was named

sun salutes

sun salutes

crossed with moon

supported by the free weight

of missing Paris too

volume on this video may need to be turned up

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