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Community College 1974 – poem by pd lyons

yale art gallery

Yale art gallery

Community College 1974

 first day,

we were classmates.

showed us photos –


in training

 in uniform

 with his buddies

 with his dead gook

next day,

no one sat near him.

next day,

didn’t show.

never came back.

DSC_7884_NEFYale art gallery – unknown photographer

once upon a time when we were young…..

Dark Moon May 19, 2004. Cape Breton. In Gemini

crone, the woman past menopause, old age, deep secrets, wisdom, divination, prophecy,

death and resurrection, endings (therefore new beginnings*)

Element: water

Colour: black

Goddesses: Hecate, Anna. 1

Moon in Gemini – I adapt – mutable air sign. 2

Colour: orange

spells. To finish the old and move on to the new, to juggles the many projects (multi task*),

finding new car or job, mental arts including meditation, divination etc. Magick for learning to

understand and deal with siblings. 3

crystal or scrying bowl placed in the centre of the circle – “This is the ending before the

beginning, the death before new life. Now on the ebb tide the secrets of the shore line are

uncovered by the retreating waves. The moon is hidden, but the faintest of stars are revealed

and those who have eyes to see may read the fates and know the mysteries. The Goddess,

whose name cannot be spoken, naked enters the Kingdom of Death. In the most vast silence

and stillness, all is possible. We meet in the time of the Crone, to touch the deep power of the

dark.”  1

This phase of the Moon Mother’s face means totally having the potential to be whole, to voyage

forth in the dark void with your light-body. You spare yourself nothing, for all sacrifices are

realized to be ‘making sacred’… During the Dark Moon you can see into the future and

actualize it through the harmonic vibrations of your cells. This takes deep trust and also getting

in touch with your larger purpose from before you were born – why you incarnated?


We are crossing the sea of the dark night

in the boats of our bodies, these vehicles of light.

Help me to release all that is not love                                      ( Banishing Pentacle @ each 

Help me to release all that is not light                                         ‘Help- Me’ line)*

Help me to release all that is not truth

Help me to release all that is not prosperity

Help me to release all that is not compassion

Help me to release all that is not proper action

Help me to release all that is not courage

Help me to release all that is not…(improvise)

I am happy even in a black hole for I am a light unto myself. 4  





Cast circle outside do Shelly’s elven spell outside..( use above re scrying/meditation inside.)

Inside Altar: Chessboard, midnight blue cloth, black obsidian egg south, hematite egg east,

pyrite egg west, scallop shell with Irish Cavan soil in it – north. Gargoyle stone candle holder,

green candle, centre bowl of salt water for scrying, quartz crystals and eggs around it, goddess figure ( Willendorf figure terracotta) crone, and sword lies between scallop shell & crystal eggs.

Do Shelly’s fairy prosperity charm inside. meditate. speak out loud Starhawk quote and This

Mother’s face. Speak Help me lines, as above plus improvising. Shelly casting banishing

pentacle with her dagger at the end of each line.

Open circle outside. Prior to opening invoke protection (psychic & physical – shooting star in

the south as if in answer) Crisp cold clear night.

When everything else is gone, true happiness remains.pdl


* improvised/ stuff of our own

  1. Spiral Dance. Starhawk. 1979 edition. Harper Row. SF
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  3. Solitary Witch. Silver Raven Wolf. 2003. Llewellyn Publications. St. Paul
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Shasta, CA.

:5. Witches’ Date Book. 2004. Llewellyn Worlwide. St.Paul.

6.The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Canadian Edition. Robert B. Thomas. 2004. Yankee Publishing

Inc. Dublin, NH.

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8 Wicca. Viviane Crowley. 1989. Aquarian Press/Harper-Collins. London.

  1. Masks Of Misrule. Nigel Jackson. 1996. Capall Bann Publishing. Berks UK.


All is sacred.

The goddess is always present


scorpion night 1

scorpion night 1

Jackson Pollocked Across the Empty Linens of My Bed, a young love song, ruff draft



Your razors are my kisses

Your hands basin my heart

How often will you bleed me

And leave me in the dark?



I know that you know me

I know you have no doubt

No matter what I try to do

No matter what I say

Can’t change the way I feel

Don’t want too anyway



No matter what I’m doing

just waiting around for you

My door is always open

So you don’t even need the key

I got myself a new phone

Gave no one else the number

So no one bothers me


Your razors are my kisses

Your hands basin my heart

How often will you bleed me

And leave me in the dark?


scorpion night 10 pdlyons

scorpion night 10 pdlyons

Poets that we love

Standing on the moon
With nothing else to do
A lovely view of heaven
But I’d rather be with you






Standing On The Moon lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

winter anyway, a love poem by pd lyons


used to walk by trees like these

a country where winter meant deep snow
wind sometimes cut  wounds like a smile across my face

a great breathless
no-doubt-about-being alive-rush  deep New England winter


Made my way to some place I knew existed then,

slight shelter from the gale

flick and fumble

eventually light
sacramental cigarette

to the east, to the south, to the west, to the north, as above so below,
as within, so with out, on the smoke that is my prayer…

and somehow all I could do was say thank you –
for this snow,
this wind,
this gunmetal sky,
this bit of shelter crook of a stone wall
this cold, cold, cold against the small heat of my beating heart



Alberto Moravia Quote

“It is what we are forced to do that forms our character, not what we do of our own free will.” – Alberto Moravia



Thank you for your attention

Bridget Shields Rose

                                                                            Bridget Shields Rose


just to say thank you to each and every one who has ever hit the like button, made comment and for those of you who are real – decided to follow this blog.

sometimes in this writing life –

it gets kinda lonely
you know that place where no
human contact is a small thing
rather  inspiration
wishing you all the very best


i love rock n roll

i love rock n roll

a tip of my hat to you all

a tip of my hat to you all

here’s the thing

every action has a reaction
this is karma,
a lot like physics
not too mysterious at all


there are no laws

scorpion night 4 pd lyons

scorpion night 4 pd lyons

When you need violence to speak


when you need guns to speak,

you’re not speaking the word of god,

you are speaking the words of tyranny

this is a weapon of mass destruction

          ( this is a weapon of mass destruction)

ruff notes w/ Turkish coffee, by pd lyons

So sometimes I am in this place of what I call incognito poet. Like even if you could or would want to follow me every minute of the day(s) nothing remotely  resembling writing of any kind goes on. Maybe email stuff or lately working a final edit on a collection but nothing else is going on. Certainly nothing poetical.

The days are fine, or not. The drink is occasional or more. The life goes twitchy tumble or smooth and fine a something silky with out the death or torture of a single worm.


it goes

sitting up with the 6 o clock coffee

another morning reminiscent of the one before

for no apparent reason

i get these lines in my head

a lonely lovers kinda of thing

four or five lines

by the time i think i should jot it down

you know its gone


well not quite all

there is a bit of a linger ~


your tears like stars found light in the dark


and I think yeah I can work with that


Turkish coffee


the morning owes me that

maybe later I find something to write on


but you know if you cave in to the muse

won’t she despise such boyish weakness

never chase any woman

even if you don’t end up arrested

you’ll be rejected







like stars find

light in the dark

nothing else





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