ruff/3 nocturnes/ a long passing caravan, my mouth for your love, I saw you with tears

so today these are the things i dont like and pulled from the manuscript. but maybe they’re ok here or as separate things?



a long passing caravan of days

deserted debris hope

a pitch black oasis


sparkling the only un-still things

such as stars

jeweled throat ghosts

haunted beyond all knowledge

your eyes

the only dark that shines

a different kind of sun.



my mouth for your love

dreams of smoke on wandering horizons

red glow desert darkness

a voice whispered wet silk

drawn as if my skin

found out in the wind

scented by foreign creatures

perfumes attracting strong fingers

nourished by such exploring

fed by sky blue horses

my heart contains a fertile seed

A treasure trove for beetles an insect paradise.




I saw you with tears in American gowns

you were just like Picasso but knelt on the ground

as if genuflecting before the print page you’d inhale

the spirit right out of his grave and I just couldn’t

take it so I wandered around as if I could shake you

Like salt from my skull

Always returning an orbit of doubt.


The scent of your soapy skin draws me in

ways I cannot identify

like ivory in the morning someplace else away

beyond a snow tipped mountain

before the savannahs open prayer

dark meandering luxurious survival

Our daring selves mortal among the Edens.


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