Putting The Tea Cup In, by pd lyons

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Putting The Tea Cup In

what can be said about the rain?
does it have a politic?
philosophy? religion?

it must have a history,
there must have been a time
when there was no rain
and then there was.

what language does the rain use?
what alphabet does it choose?
or perhaps prefers memory to letters,
silence over words?

and even if you understood,
would the rain decide to speak to you?
perhaps it does and you do –

but right now you’re not paying attention as you’re trying to be quick about the packing, trying to wrap that tea cup, its saucer broke so long ago, you can’t remember how or when.

 you’re in a hurry now because you know if he comes in and sees you putting the tea cup in, he’ll give out, saying there’s more important things to pack, that he can buy you a new…

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