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DSC_8960 Carrickfergus Castle/ Morgan

But do you believe it has been the work of one day? I have had to sweat, physically, emotionally, intellectually to reach this: Even my brain was sweating! You are really much luckier than me. I had to struggle to find this. Here I am giving it to you, for you to start. I didn’t know which way to go. I was at a crossroads, wondering which way to follow. It was a big struggle for me and for you people just a little. And it is for you to keep that flame burning, to experience it. So as you are aspiring people, aspiration also come from the self, does it not? The self is playing a dual role. You have to understand that dual role. The self is a seeker and it is a seer. Unfortunately, we are caught up in the plane of seeking but…

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