They were not difficult to follow, from Bella & Shirley by pd Lyons


They were not difficult to follow

The difficulty was not out pacing them, bumping into them.

drunken men are unpredictable

they could stop, slow or turn back for no reason at all.

Eventually they made a heap of themselves

Slurried, vomited, stupored.

A few still gurgling to finish the drink.


We waited until even the sentry was passed out.


From the wooded side of the road we came.

She ahead.

Me off her right weapon on full auto.

She started with the closest one.

Hand over his mouth knee against his spine 

 Ka-Bar deep across his throat.

One by one, adjusting for their position,

Holding each as if a lust embrace until the spasms stop.

Tough work

slow work

needing to rest in the middle of hell work.

And me thanking whatever god there was left in this sad world for the effects of strong liquor.

She was exhausted but I was not allowed to help.

Expected instead to keep good eyes and ears

regarding those who still lived

and  for any visitors.


general note:

” Always look – know that what you are killing was once human.

Once had pride, dignity, heart.

And those who suffer? Acknowledge them

if you can – touch, remember they are sisters daughter mothers they are our own” – Shirley

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