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song of a cane flute by Donna J. Snyder in I Am Not a Silent Poet

poetry from the frontera

Source: song of a cane flute by Donna J. Snyder published at I Am Not a Silent Poet

…we are the children of bridges, bridges made from our backs, our tears, our sacrifices,
and from all the ones who never made it across with us…. Junot Díaz

low tones solid as her father’s sweet bread
high notes sing the vibrato of son jarocho
of a woman near tears but speaking still
words deep within the memory of cells

the cells are theirs
the lengua is theirs not mine
I can’t presume to speak their truth
yet their indomitable vigor lifts me up
fills with me with a sense of solidarity
a feeling of common purpose
and feelings need not be truth
but are still facts

the strength of la gente bears me up
out of the inundation of hate
their strength through persecution
through the suppression of truth

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Between The Worlds? No. Not As Limited As That, by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

Between The Worlds? No. Not As Limited As That
I have met the cuckoo night
as if the stars
all warm and sparks had come to talk
I have joyed
as all those daytime forms
shift loose from a distortive sun
myriad of shapes more true.

sometimes you were with me.
sometimes familiar,
other times a stranger
all new to me in darkness
luscious before the dawn

hushed the busy universe

only you
caught my breath

red bowl glass red bowl glass

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Don’t perpetuate



Don’t perpetuate


Paris Pour Shelly, poem & photography by pd Lyons

true that

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Shelly Paris 2016 Shelly Paris 2016

Paris pour Shelly


would not

would not

would not

could not

without her

no way

no reason

no point


Paris 2016 Paris 2016

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In My Own Mother’s Tongue by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

For those who seek refuge


I shall sing you in my own mother’s tongue

The way she sang to me

Old sweet flowers be the rhyme

Before the sorrow time

When all the world so kinder

Even winter held forth joy

When all the dreams of childhood

Free of blood and pain

I shall sing you in my own mothers tongue

The way she sang to me

Hush little darling

Hush a bye and sleep

Soft is the bed where you lay your head

Sweet is the land of sleep


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2 more from Ravens

Pdlyons's Explorations

I know forever is the memory of your touch

Angels with broken wings

I taste the sin they bring

I want to cling to them

But something always haunts me


Lust that is true,

Dreams that have gone astray

Down every road you know there’s really nothing much to choose

The siren’s sweet lament

Their spell is my intent

But there’s something in my head denying my attempt

A kind of howling sound says I am pledged to you


I cross the thousand years

Part the veil of tears

Despite the demon fears

I’m reaching out for you

And breaking through at last

The circle finally cast

Kneeling down I bow my head to you

My sword at your feet

My crown on your lap

My heart into you hands

I am my Lady’s man



Earliest morning I been up

Since we got here


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Now On This side Of The Highway , Sometimes I Still Think Of You, by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations

Now on this side of the highway

I spend more time on looking back than anything

Turns I should have took

Places it would have been better if I stopped

Mostly haze as if dust and sun

conspired with fog and dark

salt and grit   steam and slick

But anyway after a million miles or so

I still see you


As if I could convince you one more time

As if you’d still be in that same old town

Maybe you are

Maybe you’re still with that boy who worked the bowling pins

Bluest eyes we either saw

But I didn’t have the time to stay then

 Figure it  out

Did you really   love him

and if so was it more than me

See there were these wide empty spaces

Pulling like fish hooks in my heart

Wanting me in ways I never thought you could have

And now?

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