Molly Elizabeth Onyx (2002 – 2017)


I’m sitting here alone in the rain.

Last time I was here, you were with me

the snow had caught the tall green pines

sun glowed their bark red and honey gold


the wind to our faces occasioned by loose flakes of December snow

and we not really minding, picked up our pace

for not other reason than the sheer joy of being able to do so.


today I’m just soaked through

feeling the rain, neither warm nor cold

simply a fact .


maybe when I get up I’ll go the way we used to go

one more time for old times sake

before choosing another way

that only I can take.






If I needed you
Would you come to me
Would you come to me
For to ease my pain
If you needed me
I would come to you
I would swim the seas
For to ease your pain
Oh the night’s forlorn
And the morning’s born
And the morning shines
With the lights of love
You will miss sunrise
If you close your eyes
And that would break
My heart in two ….
from If I Needed You by:Townes Van Zandt

 Chose Emmy’s version. I have both hers and Townes on CD in the car. From Townes I heard the words. From Emmy’s I had to stop the car and cry.

Our molly missed her last sunrise and it surely broke my heart. At about 630 I found her lying on the kitchen floor near her pillows.

I figure she had tried for one more. See I get up to make the coffee then and at that time molly goes out for a pee. She had taught me that if I left the door open so that she could come right back in to her bed, she’d go out with no fuss. These winter days the sun doesn’t rise around here until about 730.


She was the oldest dog I ever knew. Deaf as a post she had learned sign language with the help of her favourite treats. Raise my hand over head and drop it down to my side and she would come. Trouble was I’d have to wait for her to look back for me, so she’d see the sign. (always brought my dogs where I could let them run free)


She also came to learn the come here now sign and the just messing with you sign when shed turn right around and run back ahead. We ‘d do the walk we used to do with Mara. Molly had learned all the tricks Mara taught her, like how to slip through the gates, so you didn’t have to wait for the old man, places where there’d be pools of water even in high summer and to wait at the end of the trail to get the lead put on because – ” ladies don’t go naked through the streets.”



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  • Edward-David Ruiz  On January 9, 2018 at 1:52 am

    Thanks for sharing. As of today, the  9th of January, we have not made up our minds whether or not to include a dog in our present menagerie, four feral cats (two orange tabbies named Lao-Law and Meemee; a pure black, Ebony; and a white and black, Whiskers. We’ve been envying our next-door pet, a tame-looking Chow-Chow. Bealted New Year greetings to all, and God bless. e/s

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  • pdlyons  On January 1, 2020 at 7:52 pm

    Reblogged this on Pdlyons's Explorations.


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