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Fallen Lilies by pd lyons

yes we will

Pdlyons's Explorations

We will surround you with silence

Like the voices of our children never to be heard again

We will surround you with fallen lilies

Like each of one our children cut mid bloom

We won’t ever know what to do

With a hypocrite’s thoughts and prayers

We won’t ever find anything

In a hypocrite’s concern for our grief

But we’ll not match the hardness of such hearts

By hardening our own

We will not meet such hearts with violence

We know too well that path of sorrow

So, we will meet you in silence

Like the voices of our children never to be heard again

We will meet you in fallen lilies

Like each one of our children cut mid bloom

Unlike you

We will do what must be done

Unlike you

We will remember and continue to find days to be thankful for

Mothers rocking babies rocking mothers


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liberated calligraphy #1 by pd lyons

Pdlyons's Explorations




water lily




blossom double



cloud born




unspoken pearls


†††††††††灥慲汳 I

paling moonlight


silk unraveled





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beauty is strength

Waltzing the Night, by PD Lyons as published by Inquietudes Journal Issue 1: Ardor and Anguish


Waltzing the Night

We’d hold ourselves like prayers between each other
bare feet, beating hearts
soft by each breath
full moon kisses
beyond any daylight horizon

it was one o’ clock this morning.
woke up no particular reason
didn’t even need to pee.
kitchen floor so cold I hurt for shoes
stood there adjusting to Frigidaire light
three bottles of beer on the second shelf
opened one by the window
chugged a salute to those long
hard rain halos
this is not the city I used to know with you
maybe I go for another
maybe it’ll help me sleep
probably not
these days once I’m up
even beer can’t touch me

deserted even by the small comfort of your ghost
still I sway as if somehow
we’re dancing


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i like it too

love poem by pd lyons inspired by the meeting on the turret stairs

National gallery of Ireland – Hellelil and Hildebrand, the Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Frederic William Burton


I know now

These cold stones

Lead up and down

to nowhere


I know now

These shadows

Indeed empty

Conceal not

your warm embrace


I know now

How little all else matters

Such as duty bound

or destiny


I know now

A love enduring

Having lost all

Is left with needing not.


When last my love we met here

Your strong arms to hold me

Barley room to turn my tears away


The kiss you stole

The kiss I gave


Only empty shadows now

Will meet me here upon the turret stairs

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